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Coming Up with Explanations Helps Children Develop Cause-and-Effect Thinking Skills, Study Shows

Asking children to come up with explanations — even to themselves — enhances their cause-and-effect learning abilities, according to new psychology research from The University of Texas at Austin.

Hogg Foundation Awards $2 Million in Grants to Benefit Mental Health Services for Houston-area Children

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health has awarded about $2,056,000 in grants to continue developing and strengthening mental health services and supports for children, youth and families in Houston and Harris County.

Comptroller to Lead Center’s Task Force to Prevent Child Identity Theft

The Center for Identity at The University of Texas at Austin has launched a new Child Identity Protection Task Force, which will be led by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. “Child identity theft and fraud result in a wide range of crimes against children. This is especially true when the Internet is involved. Kids use other…   » Continue Reading

Hogg Foundation and St. Luke’s Join Forces to Fund Children’s Mental Health Training for Houston Adults

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities together are funding four children’s mental health training programs for adults who work with children and youth in the Houston area but aren’t mental health professionals.

Being Poor Can Suppress Children’s Genetic Potentials

Growing up poor can suppress a child's genetic potential to excel cognitively even before the age of 2, according to research from psychologists at The University of Texas at Austin.

Educational Psychologist’s Depression Treatment Adopted by Belgium and the Netherlands

A depression treatment program created by University of Texas at Austin educational psychologist Kevin Stark has been adopted by mental health professionals in Belgium and the Netherlands as the government sanctioned treatment for children experiencing depressive disorders.

About 70 Percent of New High School Principals Leave Within Five Years, Study Says

Only about half of newly hired Texas public school principals are staying on the job at least three years and principals in high-poverty schools are leaving the soonest, according to a study out of The University of Texas at Austin's College of Education. Dr. Ed Fuller and Dr. Michelle Young, who are part of the…   » Continue Reading

Hogg Foundation Grants Will Fund Mental Health Services for 10,000 Houston Area Children and Youth

An estimated 10,000 children and youth in high-need areas of Houston and Harris County will receive mental health services in the next three years through a $7.8 million grant initiative funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.

From devotion to divorce, family scientists explore what makes parents tick

From devotion to divorce, family scientists explore what makes parents tick

Parentology: One of the most fascinating aspects of studying parenting, say professors Deborah Jacobvitz and Nancy Hazen-Swann, is observing how parents confront (or fail to confront) the legacies of their own childhoods.

Children Aware of White Male Monopoly on White House; Youngest Citizens Say Exclusion Due to Voter Prejudice

Challenging the idea that children live in a color or gender blind world, a new study from The University of Texas at Austin reveals most elementary-school-age children are aware there has been no female, African-American or Hispanic President of the United States. And, many of the children attribute the lack of representation to discrimination.