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Technologies Developed in Texas Help Make the ‘Engineering’ of Complex Tissues and Organs Feasible

In this talk, Dr. Doris A. Taylor will discuss the discovery and application of new knowledge and technologies to improve patient care and to prevent cardiovascular disease. She will share how building new cell- and organ-based solutions for severe diseases could affect millions of patients who suffer from or who are at risk for these diseases. Taylor is working to “engineer” cardiac muscle, valves and vasculature, with many of these technologies now progressing to first-in-human use trials.

Developing New Vaccines for Emerging Diseases is Focus of $6.5 Million Contract

Accelerating the evaluation and development of new vaccines for emerging health threats is the goal of University of Texas at Austin researchers who recently received $6.5 million from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Drug Design, Environmental Sustainability, Oil Recovery Receive Private Grand Challenge Research Funds

Seven University of Texas at Austin researchers are confronting what the scientific community has defined as this century's grand challenges in drug design, environmental sustainability and improved oil recovery using Moncrief Grand Challenge Faculty awards for 2011-12.

Research of Cell Movements in Developing Frogs Reveals New Twists in Human Genetic Disease

Mutations in a gene known as "Fritz" may be responsible for causing human genetic disorders such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome, University of Texas at Austin developmental biologist John Wallingford and Duke University human geneticist and cell biologist Nicholas Katsanis have found.

Energy, Disease Focus of Research for Latest Moncrief Grand Challenge Awards

Four University of Texas at Austin researchers are taking on grand challenges in energy and disease with Moncrief Grand Challenge Faculty awards for 2010-11. The awards enable scientists to take time from teaching to work at the university's Institute for Computational and Engineering Science (ICES) on challenges that affect the competitiveness and international standing of…   » Continue Reading

Smallpox Expert D.A. Henderson to Speak at 2010 Disease Detective Conference

Event: Dr. D.A. Henderson will describe his and others' efforts to eradicate smallpox through massive international efforts during his keynote lecture at the "Become a Disease Detective: Discover Public Health!" conference, a two-day event for students at The University of Texas at Austin interested in public health. When: 5-6:30 pm, Wednesday, April 7. Where: Texas…   » Continue Reading

Across Species, Genes Evolve to Minimize Protein Production Errors, Scientists from The University of Texas at Austin and Harvard Find

Genetic evolution is strongly shaped by genes' efforts to prevent or tolerate errors in the production of proteins, scientists at The University of Texas at Austin and Harvard University have found.

University of Texas at Austin Pharmacy Researcher Receives $2.6 Million to Develop Vaccine Against Ebola Virus

Dr. Maria Croyle, associate professor of pharmaceutics at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, has received $2.6 million to develop a vaccine against Ebola virus infection.