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Election 2012 Expert Guide

African American Issues Eric McDaniel Associate Professor, Department of Government 512-232-7268 emcdaniel@mail.utexas.edu McDaniel's research areas include religion and politics, African-American politics and organizational behavior. His work targets how and why African-American religious institutions choose to become involved in political matters. In addition, his work targets the role of religious institutions in shaping African-American political behavior.…   » Continue Reading

Arab Spring Expert Guide

Cultural and Political Revolution Samer Ali Associate Professor, Department of Middle Eastern Studies 512-471-3881 saali@mail.utexas.edu Ali teaches courses on Arabic literature, art, culture and politics. He is interested in Islamic religion, Quran, women and gender in Islam, and Arabo-Islamic history and civilization. He is available to discuss how the Arab Spring uprisings have shifted the…   » Continue Reading

Experts Available to Discuss Fort Hood Tragedy

One hundred miles from Fort Hood, The University of Texas at Austin has various experts available to discuss aspects of Thursday’s shooting.

Experts Available to Discuss Super Bowl Advertising

The Fox network will air Super Bowl XLII on Feb. 3. Last year, 93.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the game and the advertisements. According to the industry magazine "Advertising Age," Fox has gotten some marketers to pay as much as $3 million per 30-second ad to appear in the game. Thanks to the…   » Continue Reading