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Affordable Care Act Expert Guide

Nursing, Aging, and Insurance Tracie Harrison Associate Professor, School of Nursing APSA Health and Aging Policy Fellow, 2011-2012 512-471-9085 Tharrison@mail.nur.utexas.edu Harrison's expertise is in aging. Last October, she co-sponsored a Health Policy Workshop specifically on insurance in Texas and the Affordable Care Act. Her teaching interests include women’s health, qualitative research, disability over the life…   » Continue Reading

Health Care Policy Expert Guide

University of Texas at Austin experts available to comment on health care policy and the Affordable Care Act Jacqueline Angel Department of Sociology LBJ School of Public Affairs 512-475-8641 jangel@austin.utexas.edu, Angel’s research addresses the relationships linking family structures, inequality, and health across the life course. Her work focuses on the impact of social policy on…   » Continue Reading