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High School Students Forge Stronger, More Positive Friendships in Shared Classes, Study Shows

Teenagers continue to roam in cliques in high school, as they have for generations. Yet according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin and Michigan State University, high school students are not choosing friends from certain categories, such as  “jocks,” “goths” or “A-listers.” Instead, they are forging friendships in the types…   » Continue Reading

Leadership Academy to Prepare Texas High School Students for Future Challenges

One hundred students from Texas high schools will arrive at The University of Texas at Austin June 12 to begin an intensive five-day leadership academy.

Global Ethics and Conflict Resolution Symposium, June 14-27

Event: The fifth annual University of Texas at Austin Global Ethics and Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium will bring together high school students, academics, musicians and community leaders to examine conflict at all levels and discover effective resolutions to develop young leaders who can address situations in their schools and homes, as well as international conflicts…   » Continue Reading