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Affordable Care Act Expert Guide

Nursing, Aging, and Insurance Tracie Harrison Associate Professor, School of Nursing APSA Health and Aging Policy Fellow, 2011-2012 512-471-9085 Tharrison@mail.nur.utexas.edu Harrison's expertise is in aging. Last October, she co-sponsored a Health Policy Workshop specifically on insurance in Texas and the Affordable Care Act. Her teaching interests include women’s health, qualitative research, disability over the life…   » Continue Reading

Swimming through Complicated Waters, Medicare Part D Participants Learn to Reduce Spending Over Time, Economist Finds

Despite substantial controversy among academics and policymakers about individuals' ability to choose complicated drug insurance products, economics research from The University of Texas at Austin has provided evidence that Medicare Part D participants quickly adapt and learn to reduce rates of overspending within the system.

Baby Boomers and Long-term Care Subject of University of Texas at Austin Social Work Study

A University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work graduate student has received a Hartford Foundation grant to study long-term care planning behavior of baby boomers.

LBJ School to Host Conference on Medicare

LBJ School to Host Conference on Medicare

Event: "LBJ Centennial Conference: Medicare: Past, Present, and Future," a conference on Medicare featuring keynote addresses by Peter Orszag and Mark B. McClellan, followed by a panel discussion with other policy makers and healthcare experts.