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Media Advisory: Climate Change Skeptic to Speak at The University of Texas at Austin

EVENT: "Nature—Not Human Activity—Rules the Climate," a talk by environmental scientist S. Fred Singer, president of The Science & Environmental Policy Project. WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 19, at 3:45 p.m. WHERE: Boyd Auditorium, Jackson Geology Building (JGB 2.324). Map is available at http://www.jsg.utexas.edu/about/directions.html. BACKGROUND: S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of…   » Continue Reading

One Year After Solomon Islands Disaster, Scientists Realize Geological Barrier to Earthquakes Weaker than Expected

On the one year anniversary of a devastating earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands that killed 52 people and displaced more than 6,000, scientists are revising their understanding of the potential for similar giant earthquakes in other parts of the globe.