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Class of 2014: Master of Science in Nursing graduates Kimberly Blum, Rebekah Hamner, Joyce Tseng, Abigail Laney, Aelim Choi, Ryan Carpenter, and Edgar Halford.

Fall 2014 Convocation

Join us Saturday, December 6 for the School of Nursing convocation ceremony.

Dr. Susan Dubois is flanked by members of the Family Wellness Center’s Diabetes Team.

Improving Public Health

Nurses Leading Efforts to Achieve Healthier Communities

Donor Spotlight: David and Colleen Chamberlain, John Chamberlain, Katy Chamberlain, and Jace Pirtle, Katy's fiance.

A Family Affair

Giving is a way of life for these brothers and their aunt.

Study Tests Program to Help People With Psychiatric Disorders Quit Smoking After Psychiatric Hospitalization
People with psychiatric disorders consume almost half (44.3%) of all cigarettes smoked in the U.S. and have lifespans 7 to 24 years shorter than the general population.
Recognition, Achievements and Awards
Nurse practitioner appointed to state board.
The School of Nursing Releases an Ebola Statement
We recognize that many Texans are concerned that the first case of Ebola contracted in the U.S. has occurred in our state.
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