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Disaster Preparedness The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing

Hurricane Gustav: Status Report

Date: Monday, September 1, 2008
Time: 9:25 am

The School of Nursing received a call Monday, September 1, 2008 with an update on the nursing home patients from New Orleans. All were triaged at the airport and half were sent to area hospitals, too sick for shelter setting. The other half arrived at the Austin Convention Center via ambulance and were also found to be at a high acuity level (respiratory difficulties, patients with trach, etc). A DMAT team was brought in to care for these patients -- a disaster medical assistance team of physicians and nurses from Ohio. The City RNs and other volunteers have been told not to report to the Convention
Center today.

The School of Nursing will keep you posted -- in Stand Down mode now.

Thanks to all of you who offered to volunteer -- we'll see what happens later in the week.

This has been a good drill to assess our SON disaster response protocol.


In response to Hurricane Gustav, on August 31, 2008, the School of Nursing faculty, staff and students can volunteer to help at the Austin Convention Center, Medical Special Needs Shelter for over 150 skilled nursing facility patients expected from New Orleans.
Where: Austin Convention Center is located 500 East Cesar Chavez Street, 78701.  Four hour shifts are available. 
When:  Four hour shifts are needed:
For Monday Sept 1 and Tuesday Sept 2
7 am to 11 am
11 am to 3 pm
3 pm to 7 pm
7 pm to 11 pm
11 am to 7 am (or could do four hour shift)
Staffing will most likely continue the same in the days to follow.
Sign Up:

  1. All UT Nursing volunteers must register with the Disaster Nursing Committee, through Ms.Trish O’Day (for 9/1 & 9/2).  Send
    1. name
    2. contact phone number
    3. email address
    4. RN: yes or no?  Level of student: J1, J2, S1, S2, AE foundation?
    5. day/shift you can volunteer
  2. Beginning Tuesday 9/2, all offers to volunteer should go via email to the Office of Students Affairs at the SON (
  3. The SON Office of Student Affairs will kept track of all persons volunteering to assist and volunteers will be contacted by Dr Marilyn Pattillo or Ms O’Day to confirm date and time.

Just in Time Training:  Before deploying, all SON volunteers need to read the Just-in-Time Training (PDF)*.

*Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDf files. Click here to Download Adobe Reader - 7.0 or later.
At the Convention Center: Volunteers will report to Meeting room 3 at the Convention Center to check in.  You can park in Parking Garage 2 at 2nd Street and Brazos. You may have to pay; keep receipt for reimbursement at a later date. Wear scrubs and your UT name badge. If you are an RN, please bring your RN license number.

What will I do? If you are a registered nurse, you will assist the nursing staff as needed.  Nursing students will function as unlicensed personnel, with activities limited to:

This is an opportunity to serve our community and learn the realities of disaster preparedness and response.  Please check the Disaster Preparedness website for updates and future requests.

Trish O’Day, RN, MSN, CNS and Marilyn Pattillo, RN, PhD, GNP
Co-chairs UT Nursing Disaster Committee