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School of Nurisng Staff Dicrectory by Area, Name, Title, Phone, and Room
Area Name Title Phone Room
Area Name Title Phone Room
Administration Acton, Gayle Asst Dean for Graduate Programs 475-7334 2.406
Development Alviar, Marissa Administrative Assistant 471-8036 2.102N
Family Wellness Center Bagwell, Terri Nurse Practitioner 232-4216 FWC
Cain Research Center Becker, Heather Research Scientist 471-9097 3.102N
Cain Research Center Bellquist, John Editor IV 232-1835 3.102M
Family Wellness Center Berrios, Christine Sr. Office Assistant 232-3727 FWC
Faculty Support Brady, Ruth Administrative Assistant 232-4727 5.130
Development Brannon, Andria Director of Development 471-5237 2.102L
Cain Research Center Brown, Adama Research Scientist 232-4762 3.102A
Administration Carpenter, Linda Asst Dean for Student Affairs 232-4799 2.436
Human Resources Carrington, Charla HR Coordinator 471-2062 2.102M
Research Carr, Julie Soc Sci/Hum Res Assoc I 471-7861 3.416
Student Affairs Castaneda-English, Patricia Sr. Academic Advisor 232-4775 2.448
Family Wellness Center Chavez, Ruperta Sr. Office Assistant 232-4707 FWC
Student Affairs Cochran, Mildred Administrative Assistant 471-5451 2.422
Learning Center Deen, Mandy Library Assistant II 471-7961 5.102F
Student Affairs Demchuk, Tracy Graduate Coordinator II 471-7927 2.414
Business Services Denson, Jane Sr. Administrative Associate 471-9905 2.102P
Family Wellness Center Dubois, Susan Physician 232-2557 FWC
Security Eaddy, Jimmy Guard 471-7913 Lobby
Media Center Ehle, Janet Graphics Artist 471-0365 5.198
Children's Wellness Center Espinosa, Barbara Medical Assistant 386-3335 CWC
Family Wellness Center Evans, Shannon Public Health Nurse 471-0833 FWC
Family Wellness Center Garcia, Mary Medical Assistant 232-2558 FWC
Student Affairs Gonzales, Mickey Sr. Academic Advisor 471-7928 2.424
Learning Center Granholm, Meredith Supply Coordinator 471-9062 4.114
Family Wellness Center Griffith, Kim Staff Nurse III 232-4214 FWC
Family Wellness Center Guevara, Hilda Staff Nurse II 232-7480 FWC
Media Center Hancock, Peter RTF V 471-4275 5.194A
Family Wellness Center Hanser, Naomi Physician 232-2556 FWC
St David's CHPR Harmon, Phyllis Administrative Associate 471-9910 4.166
Academic Programs Hearin, Sara Administrative Associate 471-7924 2.102E
Administration Hill, Margaret Asst Dean for Administration 471-9906 2.102D
Student Affairs Hixon, Carla Administrative Assistant 232-4780 2.416
Administration Hord, Patricia Administrative Assistant 471-8637 2.104AF
Administration Horner, Sharon Assoc Dean for Research 232-4710 3.102H
Cain Research Center Horner, Sharon Assoc Dean for Research 232-4710 3.102H
Learning Center Hudson, Scott Asst Director, Skills & Simulations 471-9062 4.114
Cain Research Center Hughes, Tahryn Sr. Administrative Associate 232-4710 3.102K
Student Affairs Jarvis, Christina Administrative Associate 232-4799 2.440
Security Jones, Polly Guard 471-7913 Lobby
Administration Keller, Jane Executive Assistant 471-4100 2.102F
Research Kullberg, Vicki Soc Sci/H R Assoc IV 471-9077 3.424
Children's Wellness Center Lane, Dottie Staff Nurse II 386-3335 CWC
Family Wellness Center Loika, Elizabeth Director, Nurse Practitioner 232-3900 FWC
Children's Wellness Center Loika, Elizabeth Director, Nurse Practitioner 386-3335 CWC
Student Affairs Losoya, Brian Senior Academic Advisor 471-8246 2.442
Cain Research Center Logue, Helen Grants and Contracts Specialist 232-4760 3.102L
Children's Wellness Center Mackert, Jessica Nurse Practitioner 386-3335 CWC
Family Wellness Center Martinez-Zepeda, Christine Sr. Office Assistant 232-3727 FWC
Children's Wellness Center McAvoy, Catherine Public Health Nurse 386-3335 CWC
Information Technology McKendree, Alan Systems Administrator I 471-7929 2.444
Student Affairs Morgan, Sherry Administrative Associate 471-9949 2.412
Research Morrison, Janet Soc Sci/H R Assoc III 471-7861 3.416
Children's Wellness Center Navarro, Beth Sr. Office Assistant 386-3335 CWC
Student Affairs Ortiz, Rudy Graduate Coordinator II 232-4701 2.408
Media Center Pawlowski, Jeremy RTF III 471-7964 5.194
Clinical Affairs Riazzi, Carol Manager, Clinical Placement 471-8563 2.438
Media Center Rijal-Trimble, Prati Webmaster 471-1359 5.102J
Family Wellness Center Robinson, Monica Sr. Office Assistant 232-3900 FWC
Research Royse, Kelli Soc Sci/Hum Res Assoc I 471-7861 3.416
Administration Stuifbergen, Alexa Dean 471-4100 2.102FA
Family Wellness Center Subias, Lupe Medical Assistant 232-8303 FWC
Student Affairs Taxis, Carole Graduate Advisor 232-4784 2.410
Family Wellness Center Thomas, Lynn Administrative Associate 471-9907 2.104T
Administration Timmerman, Gayle Assoc Dean for Academic Affairs 471-9087 2.102C
Student Affairs TreviƱo, Rebeca Sr. Academic Advisor 232-4787 2.432
Family Wellness Center Vadiei, Majid Accountant 232-4212 FWC
Children's Wellness Center Vallejo, Alice Sr. Office Assistant 386-3335 CWC
Clinical Affairs VanderMeulen, Elizabeth Director 471-8039 2.434
Development Voss, Michelle Development Specialist 471-2628 2.102B
Business Services Whitefield, Rachel Administrative Associate 471-1945 2.102N
Development Wiley, Kathryn Public Affairs Representative 471-9908 2.426