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Sheryl Innerarity, RN, PhD, FNP, CNS | Associate Professor

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Phone: 512 471-4183

Office: NUR 5.145
The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing
1710 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701

Dr. Innerarity has been full time faculty with the University of Texas School of Nursing since 1989. For two years she had a joint appointment with Brackenridge as a Clinical Director and relief House Supervisor. She’s been teaching in the APRN programs at UT since 1995. She is an Adult CNS and a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her PhD is in Nursing Theory and Research from Texas Woman’s University in Denton.

She is actively involved with TNP as the Chair of the Education Committee, where she plans and manages the biannual TNP seminars—the fall TNP Annual Conference and the spring TNP Pharmacology Conference. She was on the Board of Directors for Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) 2008-2012. Dr. Innerarity also Chairs the Practice Solutions Committee for TNP, in which the members represent Texas APRNs who have a variety of practice experience and sites, which has prepared them to answer a wide variety of questions on advanced practice, the rules of the Texas BON and other practice questions. Her academic and research interests include symptom management in patients with chronic diseases, acute illnesses in adults, fluid, electrolyte and acid base issues, and renal disease. Dr. Innerarity has been awarded the 2014 American Association of Nurse Practitioners Clinical Excellence Award for Texas, which was given at the AANP annual meeting in Nashville in June. She lectures regularly on issues related to Documentation and Communication of Critical Incidents in Acute Care, nursing negligence, APRN practice and legal issues. Dr. Innerarity has a consulting practice as an expert witness in Adult Health nursing and APRN malpractice and negligence cases. She also lectures on Legal issues for Advanced Practice Nurses, and Documentation and Coding for APRNs.

Dr. Innerarity's clinical practice includes part time work as a FNP and Adult Health CNS for Dr. Rob Dougherty in Bastrop, TX, where she manages the care of mostly adult patients with chronic illness, and women’s health. She also manages the care of their patients in the local long term care facilities. In addition she supervises clinical practice with APRN graduate students in a variety of acute and specialty settings.

Her personal interests include reading for pleasure, golf, live music and dancing. She regularly volunteers for the Bugle Boy, a Listening Room in La Grange. With the help of her family she raises chickens for organic eggs, and tends her blackberry vines and other assorted fruit bearing trees on her farm in Bastrop County.

She enjoys spending time on her farm with her husband Robb Schreiner, a retired PA, her parents, Georgia and Frank Bohuslav. She enjoys time with her children-daughters Alysabeth, Aly and Helen, her grandchildren-Georgia, 17, Cedar, 13, and Avery, 20 months. She loves all of her animals--2 rather large dogs--Cotton, an Akbash, and Cleo, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, as well as seven cats- Tigger, Delilah, Moonbeam, Kismet, Karma, Hooligan and Shenanigan, as well as assorted chickens.

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