School of Nursing - Make a Gift

Request a Volunteer

To post a volunteer request on the School of Nursing website faculty and staff must complete the Volunteer Listing For Pre-Nursing Students form (PDF), save it, and email as an attachment to Dr. Patricia Castaneda-English, Learning Enhancement Services Coordinator.

The information you provide will be made available to students via the School of Nursing Volunteer Listing site. Interested students will contact you directly. NOTE: The Learning Enhancement Services office no longer does screening/matching of volunteers. You will decide which volunteer(s) to accept for the volunteer opportunity, based on your criteria.

Volunteers may work with you for more than one semester, if agreeable to both parties. You may request volunteers at any time during the year, as there is no start/stop date. Your participation provides Pre-Nursing students with the benefits of mentoring and getting to know someone in the School of Nursing.

Note: Students may not volunteer for a faculty member with whom they have a class during the semester(s) they volunteer.

Once you have the number of volunteers you need, be sure to request that your posting be removed from the site so that students do not continue to contact you. Please contact Prati Rijal Trimble, the School of Nursing Webmaster, to remove your posting from the website.