Austin Energy

Austin Energy is the community-owned electric utility fo the city of Austin. Note all the energy saving opportunities that the Austin Energy site has listed under "Energy Saving Opportunities". Sign up with Power Saver Volunteers; get information on obtaining a free programmable thermostat; obtain a free home energy analysis; get information on a solar water heater rebate; get information on rebates for replacing inefficient air conditioners, attic insulation, solar screens, caulking and weatherstripping. In addition get information on using compact fluorescent bulbs and getting a $2.00 per bulb rebate at participating stores. Visit Austin Energy - Energy Stat Products web page to learn more about bulb rebate.

Austin Sustainable Communities

The City of Austin's Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) exists to help the greater Austin region achieve economic prosperity, social justice, and ecological health - the highest possible quality of life in the best possible environment. Ultimately, the goal of sustainability is to enhance people's well-being while living within the eco-system's carrying capacity. This site list steps you can take to promote sustainability, for example how to build a green home, how to xeriscape your landscape, etc.

City of Austin Recycling - Solid Waste Services

  1. Drop-off sites for batteries, computers, hazardous waste, motor oil
  2. Recycling drop off sites
  3. Code enforcement, composting, dead animals, litter control
  4. Curbside services: brush bulk, carts and bins, schedules

Ecology Action

Ecology Action is Austin's downtown recycling center. It is located at Ninth Street and IH-35 (on the southbound access road), and open Monday-Friday 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm.

The Environmental Directory

The Environmental Directory is a sourcebook for environmental issues, products, services, and organizations in the Austin and Houston areas.

Environmental Health and Safety

This UT organization provides services that promote safe and compliant facilities and ensure environmental quality for the university.

University of Texas Campus Environmental Center

The Campus Environmental Center is the main organization for UT students interested in the environment. They are an agency of Student Government. Their mission is to reduce the University's environmental impact and promote environmental stewardship within the student body.

University of Texas Facilities Services - Solid Waste and Recycling

The Facilities Services department manages the recycling of paper for the whole campus and distributes the blue recycling bins.