Aluminum/Plastic Bottles

Blue BinAluminum cans and plastic bottles (#1 and #2 only) can be recycled in blue bins located on each floor of the nursing building. The bins have green labels on; please do not confuse them with the Paper only blue bins. Paper and trash should NOT go into the can/plastic bins. Also please rinse out and/or empty your drink containers before putting them in the recycling bin; full or partially full containers make a mess for our volunteers who do the collection. The cans will be collected weekly and placed in a bin located outside of the building.

Location of Bins

  • 1st floor:  two in front of the MPR and one near the tiered classrooms
  • 2nd floor:  one near the front elevator and one in the mailroom
  • 3rd floor: one near the front elevator and one in the graduate student lounge.
  • 4th floor: one next to each elevator
  • 5th floor: one in the Learning Center and one in Ruth Brady's office, 5.130

Recycling Plastic

  • Plastic does not break down in landfill, and since it can be recycled to make many diverse products, effort should be made to recycle all plastic waster. Visit the Eartheasy web site and read about recycling plastic.
  • Recycle your grocery plastic sacks at HEB or other stores.
    1. When purchasing one or two items that you can carry sans bag, say no to a plastic bag.
    2. Take your own re-usable cloth bag to the store or take used plastic bags.
  • Cycled Plastics is a full service plastic recycling and reprocessing company. Visit Cycled Plastics web site to learn more about their services.