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Aging Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Seasons of Life. Late Adulthood Video 60 min 1990 HQ 503 S439 Prog 5
Model Health Promotion Programs for Minority Elders Video 45 min 1990 WT 29 M689
Breaking the Silence. Elder Abuse Video 20 min 1987 WT 30 B828
A Safer Place. Recognizing and Coping with Elder Abuse Video 24 min 1990 WT 30 S128
When Help Was There: Four Stories of Elder Abuse DVD 19 min 2000 WT 30 W567
Viktor Frankl: Facing the transitory Nature of Human Existence Video 75 min 1989 WT 100 F831
Willie Kocurek: A Bright Red Bow Tie Video   1999 WT 100 K76
Growing Old in a New Age Series. 13 Videos 60 min each 1993 WT 100 G884
Examining the Older Adult Video 17 min 1995 WB 205 P578 Prog 18
A Conversation with Joan Erickson at 90 Video 38 min 1993 WT 100 O58
Rose By Any Other Name Video 15 min 1976 WT 120 W567
When She Gets Old Video 28 min 1996 WT 120 W567
Assessing the Mental Status of the Older Person DVD 34 min 1990 WT 145 A846
The Alzheimer's Project CDs   2009 WT 155 A478
Glassy-Eyed DVD 26 min 2009 WT 155 G549
Healthy Older People Posters   1994 Poster Cabinet
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