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Aseptic Technique/Infection Control

Aseptic Technique/Infection Control Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Infection Control CD-ROM   1997 Reserve Desk
Infection Prevention: Breaking the Chain of Infection Video 25 min 2002 WB 102 I43 Prog 1
Infection Prevention: Hand Hygiene and Gloving Video 23 min 2002 WB 102 I43 Prog 2
Infection Prevention: Basic Sterile Technique Video 22 min 2002 WB 102 I43 Prog 3
Encyclopedia of Nursing Skills.
Sterile Technique
CD   2007 Computer Network
Scrubbing, Gowning and Gloving DVD   2005 WO 162 S435
Sterile Technique and Dressing Change. K Dyre Video 20 min 2006 WO 185 S838
MRSA and VRE Precautions Video 16 min 2006 WX 167 M939
Revised Guidelines for Isolation Precautions Video 15 min 1996 WX 167 R454
Bloodborne Pathogens. A Sharper Image Video 19 min 1999 WX 167 B655