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Childbearing Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Labor and Delivery for Teens Video 28 min 1996 WQ 150 L123
Healthy Steps for Teen Parents. Prenatal Care Video 25 min 2003 WQ 150 H434 Prog 1
Healthy Steps for Teen Parents. Labor and Birth Video 25 min 2003 WQ 150 H434 Prog 2
Healthy Steps for Teen Parents. Labor and Birth. 2nd edition DVD 32 min 2010 WQ 150 H4335
Gentle Birth Choices Video 47 min 1996 WQ 150 G338
Giving Birth: Challenges and Choices Video 35 min 1998 WQ 150 G539
Comfort measures for childbirth Video 42 min 1995 WQ 150 C732
Magical Moments of Birth: 5 different births Video 45 min 1990 WQ 150 M194
Daughters of Time Video 30 min 1980 WQ 160 D238
All My Babies DVD 54 min 2006 WQ 160 A416
Pregnancy: Labor and Delivery Series. Prog 1-4 DVD 20 min each 2004 WQ 200 L122
Pregnancy. Conception to Neonate Pregnancy. Video 26 min 1992 WQ 200 P923 Prog 1
Pregnancy. Reducing Risk Factors. Video 34 min 1992 WQ 200 P923 Prog 3

Perinatal Nursing Education

  • Perinatal Care of the High-Risk Woman
  • Psychosocial Issues
Booklets   2008 WQ 200 P445
How Babies Get Made: embryonic development Video 50 min 1987 WQ 205 H847
Test Tube Babies Video 60 min 1982 WQ 205 T342
Everyday Miracle Birth Video 30 min 1980 WQ 209 E93
Life's Greatest Miracle Video 60 min 2001 WQ 209 L722
The Fabulous F.A.S. Quiz Show Video/Teacher Notebook 15 min 1994 WQ 210 F134
Women of Substance:Addicted Mothers Video 10 min 1992 WQ 210.1 W872
Treating the Chemically Dependent Woman and Her Child Video 27 min 1987 WQ 210.1 T784
Stages of Labor DVD 30 min 2007 WQ 300 S7787
Just in Case: Cesarean Video 25 min 1996 WQ 430 J96
Postpartum. From Pregnant to Parent DVD 36 min 2006 WQ 500 P857
Diapers and Delirium Video 27 min 1998 WQ 500 D353
Nursing Assessment of the Postpartum Patient DVD 22 min 1990 WQ 500 N974
Hospital to Home. Discharge Planning Video 36 min 2002 WQ 500 H828
Bundle of Blues, Postpartum Depression DVD 13 min 2005 WQ 500 B842
Nurses: Battling for Babies Video 52 min 2001 WY 12 N974 Prog 3

A Walk to Beautiful

Ethiopian women leave home for treatment for an obstetric fistula.

DVD 54 min 2005 WY 87.1 W277


Charts, Models, Posters
Childbirth Charts. Click on the title to obtain detailed information about each chart.

Filed in Poster Cabinet in Childbirth Drawer. With Child is kept at the Reserve Desk.

  1. Childbirth Educators' Chart
  2. With Child
  3. Birth Atlas

Childbirth Models. Click on the title to see a photo

The Human Development Set and Fetal Circulatory models are in the LC near the stacks. The other models are on the 4th floor in the Clinical Lab.

  1. Human Development Survey Set
  2. Fetal Circulatory System
  3. Pelvic Teaching Model
  4. Abdominal Palpation Model
Childbirth Posters

All posters are stored in the gray Poster Cabinet located at the front of the Learning Center. They can be checked out at the Reserve Desk

  1. Childbirth Posters
    1. Amniotic membrane rupture
      2. Pitocin induction
      3. Positions for pushing
      4. Amniocentesis
      5. Ultrasound
      6. Perineal massage and episiotomy
      7. Pelvic station
      8. Electronic fetal monitoring
      9. Infiltration anestehsia
      10. Posterior position and rotation
      11. Spinal epidural
  2. Abdominal Cavity of a Pregnant Woman. 5 life size drawings of the abdominal cavity of a pregnant woman.
  3. Amniotic Membrane Rupture
  4. Cardinal Movements
  5. Birth Series
    1. Preg at term
      2. Cervix effaced
      3. Active labor
      4. transition & Cervix completely dilated
      5. Head visible and head crowning
      6. Separation of placenta & Placenta
      7. Vertex presentation
      8. Head well engaged and First stage of labor
  6. Positions for Laboring Out of Bed
  7. Relief of Back Pain
  8. Stages of Labor
  9. Birth Ball. Comfort Positions
  10. Signs of Preterm Labor