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Genetics Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk: It's Your Choice Video 20 min 1997 QZ 50 G328
Measuring Up Video 24 min 2004 QZ 50 M484
A Question of Genes: Inherited Risks Video 2 hrs 1997 QZ 50 Q5
Indicators for a Genetic Referral DVD 7 min 1995 QZ 50 I39
Perspectives on Genetic Conditions: Sharing the Journey Video 3 hrs 2001 QZ 50 P466
Our Genes/Our Choices Series. Fred Friendly Seminars
  1. Who Gets to Know? Genetics and Privacy
  2. Genes on Trial. Genetics, Behavior, and the Law
  3. Making Better Babies. Genetics and Reproduction
Videos 57 min ea 2002 QZ 50 O93
Nursing Assessment of Children for Detection of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects Video 26 min ea 1994 QZ 50 N974
Talking Glossary of Genetics CD   2001 Reserve Desk
Genetic Coder Model     Stacks