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Audio/Visual Catalog

Guidelines for Checkout For Audiovisual Programs

Who is Eligible?

All University of Texas at Austin faculty, staff, and students may check out audiovisual programs subject to availability and class usage. School of Nursing faculty using the videos for their nursing school classes will have first priority. Next priority will be for nursing students using the video for class presentations, required viewing, or patient education.

Programs are not loaned or mailed to persons out of town. Programs are also not available for purchase or copying purposes. In order to purchase a program the distributor must be contacted.

Any community member may view audiovisual programs in the Nursing School Learning Center during open hours. Community members may not take programs out of the building.

Representatives of community agencies who work with UT Nursing students and have an affiliation agreement may check out videos for use in their agency, for example, local hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, etc. However, use of the videos in University of Texas Nursing School classes will take priority.

Where can programs be checked out and viewed?

All audiovisual programs must be checked out at the Learning Center Reserve Desk. An official UT identification card will be required for checkout. Community members must present a driver's license and will be entered into the FileMaker Pro Checkout database.

Videocassettes can be viewed either in one of the 3 preview rooms or on a VHS player in the big room using headphones.

Computer programs can be viewed on the PC Computer Network. Computer cds cannot be checked out of the Learning Center; they are for room use only.


It is the policy of the University of Texas at Austin to respect the copyright protections given by Federal law to audiovisual program owners. Therefore copyrighted audiovisual programs checked out from the Nursing School Learning Center cannot be copied for any reason.

Checkout Time

What if I lose the program?

You will be charged half of the replacement cost of the program.