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Human Sexuality

Nature of Sex

The Surprising History of Sex and Love with Terry Jones

Travel through the history of sex and love with Monty Pythos's Terry Jones. From the place of "sacred sex" in the ancient world to the current relationship of sex, marketing and prurience, trace the often surprising attitudes toward sex and unique practices throughout history.

Science of the Sexes

The definitive trip around male and female anatomy confirms what humans often forget: men and women are made for each other.  Scientific experts, intimate portraits and real-life situations explain how human bodies grow, adapt and support each other.

Anatomy of Sex

The human body works in specific, yet subtle ways in order to ensure reproduction.  Discover the biological responsees to attraction and mating, and observe the fascinating evolutionary story of natural selection and caregiving as a couple tries to start a family.

Architecture and Design of Man and Woman

Find out how the unique anatomy of men and women encourages reproduction...from attraction to conception.  More efficient than any machine and more beautiful than a work of art are the male and female human bodies at the peak of reproductive fitness.

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Human Sexuality Series . 4 Videos

When the Topic is Sex.  Program 1.  26 min.

Explores the nurse's role in talking with patients about sex. After discussing the sexual history, this program provides guidelines for identifying sexual problems, asking questions, and giving information.

Sex - A Nursing Concern.  Program 2.  23 min.

Affirms that patient-care issues regarding sex are indeed a nursing concern, and illustrates changes in sexual attitudes, practices, and concerns over the past few decades.  Explores the complexity of sexuality, taking into account cultural and religious factors as influencing both the nurse's and the client's behavior.  Discusses helpful strategies when working with clients.

Illness, Disability, and Sexuality.  Program 3. 31 min.

Describes the sexual response cycle and the body systems necessary for optimal sexual functioning.  Discusses body image distrubances and self-esteem, focusing both on the initial loss and on establishing subsequent relationships.  Describes difficulties when patients have limitations in mobility, pain and fatigue, and illustrates some techniques that can be helpful.

Illness, Disability, and Sexuality.  Program 4.  32 min.

Describes age-related changes in sexual functioning and discusses modifications in routines that may be helpful.  Discusses attitudes that serve to sexually neutralize elderly individuals.  Explores heart-related problems and illustrates measures to reduce energy expenditure.  Discusses common medications that negatively affect sexual functioning as well as conditions such as diabetes and spinal cord injury that cause functional problems in both men and women.

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Sexuality and the Physically Disabled. Video

Panel of 4 disabled young persons discuss in Lynn Rew's class sexuality: a boy with CP, a boy who is blind, a spinal cord injured girl and a girl with muscular dystropy.

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The Human Sexes. 6 Videos

  1. Different But Equal. Desmond Morris looks at the evolutionary reasons for men looking like men and women looking like women.
  2. Language of the Sexes. Learn more about the mating display signals of different cultures.
  3. Patterns of Love. Is it biologically natural for us to be faithful to one mate all our lives? Are we by nature monogamous or polygamous?
  4. Passages of Love. At every stage of life the rituals both join and separate the sexes.
  5. The Maternal Dilemma. Find out the problems that living in cities have brought to the human species, how cultures have often favoured the birth of boys over girls, and how different cultures cope with looking after a baby.
  6. The Gender Wars. See how western wedding rituals reflect the subordination of the woman to the man.

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Sexual Disorders. Video

Discusses a variety of sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders and addresses potential psychological, sociocultural and biological causal actors as well as approaches to treatment. Focuses on paraphilia, rape, gender dysphoria and desire and arousal disorders.

©1992. 60 min. WM 100 W927 Prog 7
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