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Infant Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Seasons of Life. Infancy & Early Childhood Video 1 hr 1990 HQ 503 S439 Prog 1
Postpartum. From Pregnant to Parent DVD 36 min 2006 WQ 500 P857
Diapers and Delirium Video 27 min 1998 WQ 500 D353
The Nature of Human Attachments in Infancy Video 54 min 1986 WQ 500 D353
Denver II Video 30 min. 1993 WS 100 D416
The Growing Child: Infancy Video 30 min. 1990 WS 100 G884 Prog 1
How Your Baby Grows Poster     Poster Cabinet
Bayley Scales of Infant Development II Kit   1993 Reserve Desk
Infant Development. A First-Year Guide to G and D with T Berry Brazelton Video 45 min. 1990 WS 100 I43
Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale. T Berry Brazelton Video, book, kit 22 min. 1984/1999 WS 105 N438
Helping Parents Understand their Newborn. T Berry Brazelton DVD 35 min. 2003 WS 104 H483
Touchpoints Encounters with Trainer's Guide DVD   2005 WS 105 T722
One Year through Toddlerhood. Touchpoints. A Brazelton Study Video   1997 WS 113 T7227
Pediatrics: Psychosocial Care. Infants and Toddlers Video 31 min 1995 WS 105 P371 Prog 1
When the Bough Breaks Video 57 min. 1995 WS 105.5 .C3 W567
Conducting an Infant Mental Health Family Assessment Video 60 min 1995 WS 105.5.F2 A964 Prog 3
Mother Infant Communication:the Beginning of Language Video 16 min 1988 WS 105.5 F2 M9173
I Am Your Child. The First Years Last Forever CD   1997 WS 113 F527
How To Bathe Your Baby Poster      
Nursing Care of the New Family. Knowledge Deficit - Infant Care Video 30 min 1991 WS 113 K73
You and Your Baby DVD/Video 90 min 2000,2004 WS 113 Y67
Nutrition of the Infant Series.
  1. Diet During Pregnancy
  2. Benefits of Breastfeeding
  3. Techniques for Successful Breastfeeding
  4. Formula Feeding

Videos   2003 WS 120 N976
Helping a Mother to Breastfeed Video 20 min. 1990 WS 125 H483
Breastfeeding Kit Kit Video/Chart/Printed Materials   1997 WS 125 B828
To Baby with Love and The Comfortable Latch DVD   2006 WS 125 T627
Resources For When a Baby Dies. At A Loss For Words Video 30 min. 1999 WS 200 A862
Resources For When a Baby Dies. Footprints On Our Hearts Video 60 min. 1999 WS 200 F687
Discussion with the Parents of a Premature Infant. Videocassette Video 31 min 1976 WS 410 D611
Caring for the Premature Infant Series. 4 Videos 20 min ea 1987 WS 410 C277
Getting to Know Your Premature Baby Parents and the Practice of Neonatal Care Video 28 min. 1995 WS 410 G394
Discussion with Parents of Premature Infants Video 31 min. 1976 WS 410 D611
Smarter Than You Think Video 19 min. 1984 WS 420 S636
Newborn Behavior and Reflexes Poster   1984 Poster Cabinet
Gestational Age Assessment Video 27 min. 1991 WS 420 G393
Newborn Examination - Abnormal Signs & Syndromes. George Sharpe Video 45 min. 1983 WS 420 N534
The Infant Patient Encounter CD   2004 WS 420 I43
Physical Assessment of the Normal Newborn Video 34 min. 1986 WS 420 P5778
What a Healthy Newborn Baby Looks Like Poster     Poster Cabinet
Nurses: Battling for Babies Video 52 min. 2001 WY 12 N974 Prog 3
Born Dying Video 20 min. 1983 WY 85 B736
Dreams and Dilemmas.
Parents and the Practice of Neonatal Care
DVD 58 min 2005 WY 85 D771
In Our Midst. Premature newborns. DVD 56 min 2002 WY 85 I35