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NCLEX Review

NCLEX Course Review Online & Free

This site includes self-assessment tests for the NCLEX-RN & the HESI and tests in specific areas such as nutrition, behavioral science, biochemistry, diabetes, nervous system, pharmacology and others.

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The HESI Exam

All S2 and AE students are required to take the HESI exam. All students will take the test at a scheduled time and the cost is included in your fees. There are 160 questions on the test. It is set up like the NCLEX in that you have to answer each question and you cannot go back.

The HESI company has two scores to aim for:

  1. Acceptable HESI score: 850. 94% of students who took the HESI and scored 850 passed the NCLEX-RN.
  2. Recommended HESI score: 900. 98% of students who took the HESI and scored 900 passed the NCLEX-RN.

Once you have completed the exam and received a score you can go back and review missed questions and see the rationales for the correct answers.You can also print out a copy of your results which will break down by subject area how you did on the test and let you know your weaknesses and strengths.

After all students have been administered the HESI test, the test results will be uploaded to Elsevier. You will be e-mailed by Elsevier the departmental account number and the web address where you will need to set up an Evolve account if you do not already have one. Individualized remediation based on the test items that you have answered incorrectly will then be available. You are connected to content from nursing textbooks that will provide the specific review content you need.

Below are the steps for setting up an Evolve account.

  1. Go to the Evolve web site and set up an account. You may already have an Evolve account that you have set up for an Elsevier textbook.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom right corner and select "move your exam results to Evolve" in the Student Login box.
  3. Enter the Department ID, 195519. Enter the same student ID you used when taking the HESI exam.
  4. Follow the directions outlined.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns, contact 800-950-2728 option 2 (customer service).

You can take the HESI a second time if you wish. The cost for a second test is $45.00

The HESI test allows comparison of nursing students across the United States. The HESI Predictability Model (HPM), a proprietary mathematical formula developed by HESI, permits such comparisons to be made with a high degree of accuracy.

Validity is determined by conducting an annual study of the accuracy of predictions made by HESI Exit Exams. All users of HESI Exit Exams are surveyed to determine how many students predicted to pass the NCLEX® failed. Lauchner, Newman, and Britt (Computers in Nursing, May-June, 1999) reported that the HESI Exit Exam® was 99.49% accurate in predicting success on the licensing exam.

All test questions are analyzed with each use and upgraded as indicated by the item analysis, as well as clinical practice, to bring you the most up-to-date test items available.


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