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Pain Management

Pain Management Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
HOPE. Helping Optimize Pain Education CD/Notebook   2008 WL 704 H483
Pain Management Series
  1. Pathophysiology, Assessment, and the Pain Management Program.
  2. Pharmacological Treatment Strategies.
  3. Physical and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Pain Management.
  4. Pain Management Programs for Special Patient Populations.
Videos   2002 WL 704 P144
Pain Control during Labor and Delivery DVD 28 min 2005 WQ 200 L22 Prog 3
Parenteral Meds Video 16 min 1998 WS 366 P371 Prog 2
Acute Pain Management in Children: Operative or Medical Procedures Video 21 min 1993 WS 340 A189
Relief of Back Pain During Labor Poster     Poster Cabinet
A Different Kind of Care. Moyers on Dying Video 90 min 2000 BF 789 O579 Prog 2