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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Audio/visual Materials
Title (Click on title for abstract) Format Time Date Call Number
Women of ubstance:Addicted Mothers Video 10 min 1992 WQ 210.1 W872
Treating the Chemically Dependent Woman and Her Child Video 27 min 1987 WQ 210.1 T784
Addiction. Why Can't They Just Stop? 4 DVDs   2007 WM 270 A2237
Chemically Dependent Nurse
  1. The Nurse's Story
  2. Identification and Response
  3. From Addiction to Recovery
Video   1995 WM 270 C517
Carl Erickson. Dependency Video 2 1/2 hrs 1995 WM 270 E68
Inhalants: An Adult Primer Video 10 min 1992 WM 270 I547
Inhalants: The Silent Epidemic Video 30 min 1992 WM 270 I55
Moyers on Addiction
  1. Portrait of Addiction
  2. The Hijacked Brain
  3. Changing Lives
  4. The Next Generation
  5. The Politics of Addiction
Video   1998 WM 270 M938
TPAPN. Re-Entry Into Practice Video 17 min 1993 WM 270 T757 Prog 2
TPAPN. Intervention: A Presentation of Caring Video 20 min 1993 WM 270 T757