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Reserve Desk

The following clinical equipment is available from the Reserve Desk on the 5th floor

  1. Turning Forks and Percussion Hammers
  2. Blood Pressure Cuffs, adult, large adult and pedi
  3. Oto-Ophthalmoscopes
  4. Denver kits and manuals
  5. Weight Scales (Adult and Baby)
  6. Public Health Bags -- black bags with the school emblem
  7. Stethoscopes
  8. Breast and Testicular models
  9. Disarticulated Skeleton

Simulation Lab

The following clinical equipment is available from the Simulation Lab on the 4th floor

  1. Babies
  2. Baby Scale
  3. Blood Glucose Monitor
  4. Breast Feeding Model
  5. Doppler (Fetal Heart Beat)
  6. EKG Caliphers
  7. Empathy Belly
  8. Eye Charts, Occluders
  9. Goniometer
  10. Hand washing teaching supplies (Blank light/glow germ)
  11. Heart and Breath Sound Simulator
  12. Incentive Spirometer
  13. Pelvic Model/Prostate Model
  14. Pulse Oximeter
  15. Eyecharts
  16. Neuro kits