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Graduate Student Research

The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing Doctoral program prepares students to become researchers and to assume advanced leadership roles in nursing and health care delivery. A combination of conceptual approaches, challenging interactions in seminar discussions, and work with active researchers produces a stimulating environment for scholarly development. The program is designed to help students identify a dissertation topic, apply for research funding, and begin a lifelong research career.

Click on the project title to download the research. All graduate projects are in PDF format.

List of 2015 Graduate Research Projects

Project Title


Modifiable Predictors of Perceived Cognitive Abilities in Persons with Longstanding Multiple Sclerosis Henneghan, Ashley
TPHA abstract Horton, Sholanda
A culturally tailored primary and secondary prevention program for chronic disease in Chinese Americans: an integrative review Huang, Ya-Ching
Correlates of Self-Rated Health and Self-Rated Mental Health in Order Chinese Americans Huang, Ya-Ching
Latinos’ Diabetes Knowledge and Numeracy Huang, Ya-Ching
Glyburide Use in Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes Kreitler, A.
Decomposing end-of-life education: Identifying successes and gaps in current education practice Lippe, Megan
Developing Communication and Teamwork Skills through an Interdisciplinary Course: A Student's Perspective Lippe, Megan
Improving Attitudes and Perceived Competence in Caring for Dying Patients: An End-of-Life Simulation Lippe, Megan
Do Adolescents’ Social Connectedness and Health-Promoting behaviors relate to Family Communication and Satisfaction? Tovar, Marlene
The Relationship of Adolescents’ Health-Promoting behaviors and Social Connectedness with Family Communication and Family Satisfaction Tovar, Marlene