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Graduate Student Research

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List of 2012 Graduate Research Projects

Project Title


Examining Influences on Physical Activity in Girls 11-14 Years: The Physical Activity Lifestyle Influences (PALI) Study Brown, Anne S.
A Measure of Informed Decision-Making in Prenatal Genetic Screening: Instrument Development Kaur, Mandeep
Relationship Between Self-Report and Performance Measures in Assessing Function with Multiple Sclerosis Morris, Marian
The Effect of Acculturative Stress on Cortisol and Body Mass Index Munoz, Silvia E.
Coming into Your Own: Keys to Thriving During the Diversity Supplement Experience Ricks, Tiffany N.
Depression Associated with Diet and Physical Activity Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes: The State of the Science Sumlin, Lisa L.
The Diversity Supplement: A Partnership for Success in Minority Research Sumlin, Lisa L.
Changing the Face of Research: The Diversity Research Training Supplement Todd, Ana
Investigation of Parents’ Perceptions of their Children’s Emotional Responses to Asthma Walker, Veronica G.
Mentoring the Next Generation of Nurse Researchers to Address Health Disparities Walker, Veronica G.
Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis Outcomes in Latin America: An Integrated Review Zuñiga, Julie A.