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Undergraduate Student Research

The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program offers honors students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Once their research is complete, honors students must summarize their work in a professional style written report and publically present their findings.

Click on the project title to download the research. All undergraduate research projects are in PDF format.

List of 2014 Undergraduate Research Projects

Project Title



Youth/Adolescent Food Survey Anderson, Emily Tyler, Diane
Effects of an Email Delivered Behavioral Sleep Intervention on College Student Sleep Quality Betcher, Margo Carter, Patricia
Association Between Adolescent Disordered Eating Behaviors and Selected Parenting Characteristics Clegg, Laura Rew, Lynn
Diabetes-Specific Numeracy Skills in Low-Income Hispanic Patients with Diabetes Coyle, Holly Garcia, Alexandra
The Relationships between Sleep Duration, Preoccupation with Food, and Perceived Deprivation in Undergraduate Students Huang, Karen Timmerman, Gayle
Influence of Living Arrangement and Marital Status on Daily Functioning Levels for Participants in the Senior WISE (Wisdom Is Simply Exploration) Study Lee, Joann Timmerman, Gayle
Improving Heart Failure Related Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life Through Home-Based Education Mink, Emily Delville, Carol
Factors Affecting Sleep and the Relationship Between Sleep and Study Habits Among Hispanic Undergraduate College Students Mota, Gabriela Page, Robin
What New Mothers’ Favorite Websites and Features Tell Us About Designing Web-Based Health Promotion: A Content Analysis Nellsch, Elise Walker, Lorraine
Perception of Memory and Depressive Symptoms in Adults Diagnosed with Heart Failure O’Brien, Caitlin Timmerman, Gayle
Life Events and Changes: Link to Suicide Ideation In Adolescents Rancour, Sara Rew, Lynn
An Exploration of Children’s Strategies for Coping with Asthma Schulz, Jaci Horner, Sharon
Differences in Quality of Life Between Cancer Treatment and No Cancer Treatment Groups for Low-Income Cancer Survivors Yu, Ying (Joan) Meraviglia, Martha