Simulation and Skills Lab Policies

  1. Make sure you sign in and out of Open Lab or you will not get credit for having attended.  
  2. No food or drink allowed in the labs. (You won’t take them into a patient’s room)
  3. Do not use pens or markers around the manikins or task trainers.
  4. Wear your name tag to lab, including during class and open lab.
  5. Dress as you would for your clinical: scrubs (any type, not clinical uniform) closed toed & closed heel shoes (no straps), hair up and back. 
  6. If you do not usually wear scrubs in your clinical setting, you may wear a white lab coat and professional dress. Closed toed and closed heel shoes are required.
  7. Personal items should be stored in at the back of the room.
  8. If you put anything on a manikin (tape, topical meds, etc.) clean off the manikin at the end of class.
  9. At the end of class, beds should be placed in the low position.  Straighten the bed linens and if a manikin is in the bed side rails should be up.  Your area should be in the condition you would leave your patient’s room.
  10. All used items that can be reused should be returned to the front table.
  11. All make up labs are to be completed within one week of the missed lab.
  12. Leave lab on time
  13. No equipment or supplies should leave the lab unless it is properly checked out with the skills lab staff.
  14. Please report any damage to equipment or operating problems to the lab staff ASAP.
  15. Personal items that are left in the lab will be taken to will be taken to the Lost and Found at the guard’s desk.