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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the School of Nursing was organized in the 1970’s. Members of the Council have included former students and graduates of the School, donors, healthcare and business professionals and other friends of the University. All share an interest in the furtherance and support of nursing education. The success of the School of Nursing depends in large measure on the continuing support of these dedicated community members.

2013-2014 Advisory Council Members

  • Mr. Mike Oldham, Chair
  • Dr. Robert Askew
  • Dr. Guardia Banister
  • Mrs. Pat Blandford
  • Mrs. Jill Carr
  • Mr. James Davis
  • Mr. T.J. Farnsworth
  • Dr. Charles Felger
  • Dr. Henry Guevara
  • Ms. Tracy Guthrie
  • Ms. Corky Hilliard
  • Ms. Suzanne Hindelang
  • Mrs. Ruth Spinn Lange
  • Mrs. Anne Mauzy
  • Mrs. Sherry McGillicuddy
  • Mrs. Andrea Presson
  • Mr. Brian Robbins
  • Dr. Mary Beth Thomas
  • Ms. Nancy Tucker
  • Dr. Mary E. Walker
  • Dr. Marlene Weitzel
  • Dr. Susan Wilkinson
  • Ms. Norine Yukon
  • Mr. Manny Zuniga