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UTNSA is the School of Nursing’s official representative in both the UT Senate of College Councils and UT Student Government, two preeminent legislative student organizations on campus. As such, we serve as the collective voice of nursing students in matters that pertain to all students, faculty and staff. We have the unique position to serve as the avenue from which to extend our thoughts and concerns to campus and further increase nursing’s authority as a member of the university.

Senate of College Councils

The Senate of College Councils is a collection of 20 councils from across the University who, as a collective unit, discusses and recommends improvements to the academic policies and issues that most directly affect us as students. As a council, UTNSA serves as the official voice for undergraduate nursing students. Our decisions and insight speaks for and represents the sentiments of the UT School of Nursing. General Assembly may initiate a proposal for change, but we have a stake in whether or not the change is passed and executed at the University level.

General Assembly meetings are held every other Thursday at 7:00 PM in the Legislative Assembly Room of the SAC (2.302). To learn more about initiatives in current legislation, council involvement or discover how you can be the voice of UT Academics, contact our Senate Representative, Janessa Rocco, or visit the website for the Senate of College Councils.

Also, UTNSA is a co-sponsor of Invest in Texas. Invest in Texas lobbies for the support of state officials in achieving affordable higher education. For students seeking direct interaction with the Texas Legislature, please visit the Invest in Texas web page.

Student Government

Student Government, the second of the three Legislative Student Organizations on campus (in no particular order), represents students to The University of Texas at Austin and serves as the collective voice of students in all types of matters related to the lives and careers of Longhorn students. For example, Student Government works with the University to extend building hours; discusses with Austin Public Transportation the transportation needs of students and proposes ideas for more efficient commuting; and works with outside businesses and organizations that affect our time at UT Austin.

Student Government Assembly meetings are held every Tuesday at 7pm in the Legislative Assembly room located in SAC (2.302). If you have an issue you would like to address to the Assembly or would just like to find out more, come speak during our Open Forum at the beginning of every meeting. Contact UTNSA Officers for more information. You can also visit the Student Government website.