A roadrunner at the gate greets visitors to the ranch.  The road to the house crosses Barton Creek.

A metal roadrunner sign at the gate    The road to the house crosses Barton Creek

The ranch house sits on a hill and offers beautiful views from the porch.

The ranch house    The ranch house

The yard    View from the porch

Looking at the gate from the house    birdhouse in yard

A bell to ring    A wooden roadrunner in the yard

Dobie's writing desk and chair.

Dobie's desk

The interior of the ranch house.

The dining area    The master bedroom

The living room    The kitchen

An old chair    The fireplace in the living room

A roadrunner painted on old wood      a painting on the wall

 artwork                  A roadrunner drawing


An old cabin sits on the ranch property.

old log cabin on the ranch property    another view of the log cabin

interior of old log cabin       interior fireplace of old cabin

The property is a great place for writers to explore and reflect on the beauties of nature.

a rope for swinging out over the creek    Scenic view of Barton Creek

View of property    View of the bluffs