paisano ranch

By Texas standards, Paisano's 254 acres hardly qualify as a ranch. In fact, Dobie himself declared that Paisano is "not an estate, not a ranch, not a farm, it is merely a place of some acres in the hills west of Austin, Barton Creek winding through it." Nevertheless it provides the writers who are chosen to live there with a good deal of isolation.

View from the porch of the Dobie house

From the porch (gallery) looking toward Barton Creek

Photos by Joan C. Terrell
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The three-bedroom frame house is simply furnished. Fellows need bring only personal belongings. The house has central air-conditioning and heating. The university provides utilities, except long-distance service. Fellows may bring their families but the expectation is that the fellow will devote full-time to writing and be in residence for the length of the fellowship - approximately six months.

A paisano guards the gate picture of paisano at gate to ranch

Some kind of transportation is a necessity as stores and services are several miles away.

Permission must be obtained from the fellow or from the director of the project to enter the property.

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