Writing -- 1991-2008 by Former Fellows (A selected list)

Billy Porterfield

  • Diddy Waw Diddy: The Passage of An American Son, Harper, 1994

A. C. Greene

  • Chance Encounters (published posthumously), Bright Sky Press, 2003
  • Memory of Snow, Browder Springs Books, 2001
  • They Are Ruining Ibiza: A Novella, U. of North Texas Press, 1998
  • Sketches from the Five States of Texas, Texas A&M Press, 1998
  • Brandy Miracle , Somesuch Press, 1998
  • Christmas Memories , U. of North Texas Press, 1996
  • 900 Miles on the Butterfield Trail, U. of North Texas Press, 1994

Wynn Parks

  • "Minouli Steals a Kiss", First Place Winner, Austin Chronicle Short Story Context, 2003

Gary Cartwright

  • Turn Out the Lights: Chronicles of Texas During the 80s and 90s, University of Texas Press, 2000
  • Heart Wiseguy: How to Live the Good Life after a Heart Attack, St. Martin's, 1998

Jim Bones

  • Voices-Circles-Echoes: A Ten-Year Journey, (contributor) Printing Corner Press, 1996

Claude Stanush

  • Sometimes It's New York, Wings Press, 2007
  • All Honest Men, (co-author Michele Stanush) The Permanent Press, 2003
  • The Newton Boys - film, screenplay with Richard Linklater, 1998
  • The Newton Boys: Portrait of an Outlaw Gang, State House Press, 1994

C. W. Smith

  • Purple Hearts, TCU Press, 2008
  • Gabriel's Eye, Winedale Press, 2001
  • Understanding Women, TCU Press, 1998

Kathryn Taylor Marshall

  • My Sister Gone, Clark City Press (reprint), 1992

Jan Reid

  • Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominos, Rodale, 2007
  • The Hammer:  Tom DeLay, God, Money, and the Rise of the Republican Congress, (with Lou Dubose) Public Affairs, 2004
  • Rio Grande, (editor) University of Texas Press, 2004
  • The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock (rev. edition), University of Texas Press, 2004
  • Boy Genius (with Lou Dubose and Carl Cannon) Public Affairs, 2003
  • The Bullet Meant for Me, Broadway Books, 2002
  • Close Calls: Jan Reid's Texas, Texas A&M Press, 2000
  • Texas Lost: Vanishing Heritage, (editor) Parks and Wildlife Foundation of Texas, 1995

Stephen Harrigan

  • Challenger Park, Knopf, 2006
  • The Gates of the Alamo, Knopf, 2000

Frank Armstrong

  • Rock, River & Thorn, Waterous & Co., 2001

William C. Martin

  • A Prophet with Honor, Morrow/Avon, 1991

James Whitaker

  • "Mr. Dobie's Gift", in Texas Co-op Power, April 2003

Laura Furman

  • Passenger on the Ship of Fools - A play about Katherine Anne Porter, With Lynn C. Miller, 2002
  • Drinking with the Cook, Winedale Press, 2002
  • Ordinary Paradise, Winedale Press, 1998

Haryette Mullen

  • Sleeping with the Dictionary, University of California Press, 2002
  • Oreo (Northeastern Library of Black Literature), (with Fran Ross) Northeastern University Press, 2000
  • Muse & Drudge, Singing Horse Press, 1995
  • S*PeRM**K*, Singing Horse Press, 1992
  • Trimmings, Tender Buttons Books, 1991

Sandra D. Lynn

  • Windows on the Past: Historic Lodgings of New Mexico, University of New Mexico Press, 1999 - Paisano Fellow, autographed
  • Where Rainbows Wait for Rain, The Big Bend Country, (with Richard Fenker), Tangram Press, 1989
  • Three Texas Poets, (contributor), Prickly Pear Press, 1986
  • I Must Hold These Strangers, Prickly Pear Press, 1980

Alan Pogue

  • Witness for Justice: The Documentary Photographs of Alan Pogue, University of Texas Press, 2007

Sandra Cisneros

  • Caramelo, Knopf, 2002

Terry Galloway

  • Strange Land, Southern Illinois University Press, coming March 2010
  • Mean Little Deaf Queer, Beacon Press, 2009

Dagoberto Gilb

  • The Flowers, Grove Press, 2008
  • Hecho in Texas:  An Anthology of Texas Mexican Literature, University of New Mexico Press, 2007
  • Gritos, Grove Press, 2003
  • Woodcuts of Women, Grove/Atlantic, 2001
  • The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuna, Grove Press, 1994
  • The Magic of Blood, University of New Mexico Press, 1993

Alan Tennant

  • On the Wing: To the Edge of the Earth with the Peregrine Falcon, Alfred Knopf, 2004

Allen Wier

  • Tehano, SMU Press, 2006

Martha Elizabeth

  • Night Lights and Morning Glories, Pudding House Publications, 2002
  • Considering Manon, Pudding House Publications, 2000

Sheryl St. Germain

  • Let It Be a Dark Roux, Autumn House Press, 2007
  • Swamp Songs, University of Utah Press, 2003
  • How Heavy the Breath of God, University of North Texas Press, 1994

Genaro Gonzalez

  • The Quixote Cult, Arte Publico Press, 1998
  • Only Sons, Arte Publico Press, 1991

Ewing Campbell

  • Raymond Carver: A Study of the Short Fiction, Macmillan Library Ref., 1992

Sam Haynes

  • James K. Polk & the Expansionist Impulse, Addison Wesley, 1997

Stephen Pate

  • Matt Martinez's Culinary Frontier: a Real Texas Cookbook, (co-author) Doubleday, 1997

Lynna Williams

  • Things Not Seen & Other Stories, Little Brown, 1992

Christian Wiman

  • Ambition and Survival, Copper Canyon Press, 2007
  • Hard Night, 2005
  • The Long Home, Story Line Press, 1998

Charles Behlen

  • Texas Weather, Trilobite Press, 1999

Lisa Sandlin

  • In the River Province, SMU Press, 2004
  • Message to the Nurse of Dreams, Cinco Puntos Press, 1997

Lee Merrill Byrd

  • Riley's Fire, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2006
  • "In a New Country," in Spiritual Autographs: Southern Women Tell Their Stories, Chicago Spectrum Press, 1999

James Hannah

  • The Great War Reader (Editor), Texas A&M Press, 2001
  • Sign Languages, University of Missouri Press, 1994

Lowell Mick White

  • Long Time Ago Good, Slough Press, 2009
  • That Demon Life, Gival Press, 2009

Katherine Hester

  • Eggs for Young America, Penguin, 1998

Thomas McNeely

  • "Sheep," in New Stories from the South, Algonquin Books, 2000

Mylène Dressler

  • The Floodmakers, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2004
  • The Deadwood Beetle, Blue Hen/Penguin Putnam, 2001

Patricia Page

  • Hope's Cadillac, W. W. Norton, 1996
  • Shadows on a Nameless Beach (a memoir), Pigeon Point Press, 2006

Oscar Casares

  • Amigoland, Little Brown, 2009
  • Brownsville, Little Brown, 2003

Dominic Smith

  • The Beautiful Miscellaneous , Atria, 2007
  • The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, Atria, 2006

William Cobb

Goodnight Texas, Unbridled Books, 2007

Scott Blackwood

  • We Agreed to Meet Just Here, New Issues Press, 2009
  • In the Shadow of Our House, SMU Press, 2001

Sam Taylor

  • Body of the World, Ausable Press, 2005

Alison Moore

  • The Middle of Elsewhere, Phoenix International Press, 2006
  • Synonym for Love, Mercury House, 1995
  • Small Spaces Between Emergencies, Mercury House, June 1992