Key Dates for Graduate Students


Official registration and payment deadline information is published in the Academic Calendar and Course Schedule produced by the Office of the Registrar. Some specific official dates have been listed below but always check the Academic Calendar for the complete listing.  That calendar is the official source of information for registration and payment deadlines.

To pay your tuition and fee bill online, go to the "MyTuitionBill" web site. 
To pay in person, go to the cashiers in Main Building, Room 4, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Registrar's Office publishes official registration and payment deadline schedule. Go there now →

OCT 27 – NOV 7 Registration for continuing and readmitted students.
NOV 11 Fee bills electronically distributed. Students notified by email. .
JAN 12 Add/drop for students who have registered and paid.
JAN 13 Registration for new & readmitted students who have not yet registered.
Payment due 5:00pm Jan 23
JAN 14 Registration for continuing students who have not yet registered. Payment due 5:00pm Jan 23
JAN 15 - 16 Add/drops for registered and paid students. Registration for all students who have not yet registered. Bills due 5 pm, Jan 23.
JAN 20 First class day
JAN 20 - 23
Late registration for all students. $25 late fee in effect.
Payment due 5:00pm Jan 23
Add/drops for registered and paid students. Add bills due 5 pm, Feb 4
JAN 23 Tuition and fee payment due by 5:00. Students with zero bills must confirm their registration via the Web to prevent cancellation.
JAN 26 - FEB 4 Late registration for all students in the department. $50 late fee in effect.
Payment due 5:00 pm Feb 4
FEB 4 The Twelfth Class Day. Last day to add a course or drop a course with a refund. Payment for added classes due by 5:00.
FEB 5 - 16 Q drop period. Courses may be dropped without academic penalty. Approval of the Graduate Adviser and Graduate Dean required.
FEB 17 - MAY 8 Q/F drop period. Dropping a course requires the approval of the instructor, who must assign a “Q” or “F,” the Graduate Adviser, and the Graduate Dean.
MAR 26 Last day to apply for a graduate degree.
MAR 30 Last day to change grade status to or from the credit/no credit basis.
Last day for new doctoral candidates to change registration to dissertation.
MAY 8 Last class day. This is the last day to drop a class or withdraw from the spring semester.


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