About the Graduate School


Established in 1910, the Graduate School has grown to encompass nearly 100 fields of study, and there are more than 11,000 graduate students.  More than 800 doctoral degrees and 3,000 master's degrees are awarded each year. The University of Texas at Austin is among the top largest producers of doctoral degrees in the United States (2010 NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates) and is one of three southwestern members of the Association of American Universities.

Graduate School Mission

The Graduate School at The University of Texas at Austin is an active community of diverse scholars in over 100 academic programs dedicated to excellence in original research, teaching, creative expression, and intellectual leadership.  Using our extensive resources and talents, we cultivate individuals who work together to bring knowledge, innovation, and best practices to meet the great and small challenges of our time.

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Our Staff

Staff include the Vice Provost and Graduate Dean, the dean's executive staff (associate and assistant deans), dean's administrative staff, student services administrative staff, and Graduate Recruitment and Outreach staff. Find out what they are responsible for in the Graduate School.


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