Welcome to the Graduate School

Dean Marvin Hackert

Marvin L. Hackert, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies,
ad interim

Greetings from the Graduate School, and welcome to The University of Texas at Austin! 

You have joined a vibrant community of scholars surrounded by exceptional libraries, computer facilities, academic departments, programs, research units, centers and labs. But most importantly - our faculty, students and staff - who stand among the most productive in the nation.

As a graduate student, you will spend some of the most challenging and fulfilling years of your life immersed in a compelling academic environment, working alonside remarkable researchers to broaden knowledge, advance discoveries and make original and substantial contributions to your discipline.

I encourage you to put to use every resource the university has to offer. Take advantage of your time here. Work hard; enjoy yourself. Change the world!

Marvin L. Hackert, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies, ad interim

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About Dean Hackert

Dr. Hackert, the William Shive Centennial Professor in Biochemistry, received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. His research focuses on structural molecular biology - the characterization, mechanism of action, and structures of proteins and their complexes usig the tools of protein crystallography, protein engineering and mutagenesis.

He is the president of the International Union of Crystallography.



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