After You Apply


After you have applied for admission, it is your responsibility to monitor your application status and ensure that all documents reach the appropriate offices by the designated deadlines. If something you submitted does not appear, you may want to send another copy or check with graduate admissions to find out why.

Most programs will allow you to upload additional supporting documents via the My Status Web site. Check with the program you are applying to for instructions on submitting these supporting documents.

If you have been instructed to upload documents, DO NOT SEND paper copies. It will delay the processing of your application.

How Your Application is Processed and Reviewed

After you have completed your online application and submitted all required materials to GIAC and to your department, your file will be compiled and forwarded to your graduate program. They will add any documents you have sent directly to them.

All complete applications are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee of the program you have applied to IF they are received by the graduate program deadline. The graduate adviser and Admissions Committee will do a thorough review of your qualifications and make a decision about your acceptance. They will forward their decision to GIAC and the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies who must approve all admissions.

When there are more qualified applicants than can adequately be instructed by the faculty or accommodated in the facilities, the Graduate Studies Committee for the proposed area may deny admission to students who have met the prescribed requirements.

If you feel your grade point averages or test scores are not valid indicators of your ability, you should explain your concerns in a letter to the graduate adviser of the program to which you are applying.

Notification of Decisions

As soon as the official decision has been made on your application, it will be reflected on the My Status Web site. You may receive notification of the graduate program’s recommended decision earlier, but all official decisions must be recorded by the Graduate and International Admissions Center.

No paper letter will be sent to you, but you may print a copy of your offer of admission from the My Status Web site. If any conditions have been placed upon your admission, the graduate program will inform you about them.

If admitted, international students will receive additional correspondence regarding immigration and financial responsibility from The University of Texas International Office.

If your application is denied, the decision will be posted on the My Status Web site.

Check your email

Within 1-2 business days after you submit your application in ApplyTexas, you will receive an email message acknowledging the receipt of your application by The University of Texas at Austin. Your EID user name and initial password will be included in this correspondence.

More about the UT EID

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