Guidelines to Develop a Portfolio Program


Proposals for Graduate Portfolio Programs should come from the faculty. The following proposal guidelines are provided to assist faculty in developing and preparing proposals. Prior to drafting a proposal, please examine the General Description and Objectives of the portfolio concept, as well as descriptions of Current Portfolio Programs.

(proposal guidelines)

Proposal for a Graduate Portfolio Program in
(name of proposed program)

  • Rationale for the portfolio program.
  • Program description, administration, and certification of requirements.
    • Program description.
    • Admission.  Include a description of the admission process, the requirements for admission (including a provision that students obtain the permission of their Graduate Adviser), and any restrictions on when students may enter the program.
    • Course and semester hour credit requirements. Include a sample program of work and possible concentrations, if applicable. Indicate new courses planned.
    • Additional requirements (research paper, presentation, practical experience, GPA, etc.).
    • Program administration and certification of program requirements. (Indicate who will be responsible for administering the portfolio and the process for certifying completion.)
    • Relationship to the student's degree program (such as including member of the portfolio program on the dissertation or thesis committee).
    • Expected enrollment -- startup and projected for future. Explain assumptions used in making these estimates
  • List of faculty involved and their disciplines.
  • Approvals.
    • Deans of participating Colleges and Schools (signatures required)
    • Chairs and Directors of participating Departments and Programs (signatures required)
    • Endorsement of Graduate Studies Committees of participating graduate programs and verification that faculty teaching courses listed for the portfolio program have given their consent
  • Additional information that would be helpful in evaluating the proposal.

NOTE: Also include a one-page summary of the proposal for the minutes of the Graduate Assembly.  Final approval of the Graduate Dean and Executive Vice President and Provost is required.

If you have questions or would like assistance in developing a Graduate Portfolio Program, please contact:

Michelle Broadway, Assistant Dean
Office of the Vice Provost and Graduate Dean
MAI 101, G0400, 512-232-3625, fax 512 471-7620


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