Dual Degree Programs


Dual degree programs are structured so that a student can pursue graduate work in two fields and fulfill the requirements of two degrees; in programs leading to two master's degrees, the degrees are awarded simultaneously. To enter a dual degree program, the student must first be accepted by both of the individual programs before admission can be granted to the dual degree program. Applicants to dual degree programs should observe the application deadlines of both programs. Applicants to the dual degree programs, or to more than one graduate program, will pay only the higher of the application fees. If a dual degree program listed below includes Law, observe the March 1 deadline of the Law School and any of the earlier deadlines of the dual degree program component.

Contact the graduate adviser or graduate coordinator in each individual program of the dual degree program before submitting the application for admission. Always refer to the Graduate Catalog for the most recent information on degree programs.

Dual Degree Program Major Code Degree(s) Offered
Advertising/Business administration 624030 MA/MBA
Advertising/Public affairs 624060 MA/MPAff
Asian studies/Business administration 612200 MA/MBA
Asian studies/Public Affairs 612300 MA/MPAff
Communication studies/Business administration 624090 MA/MBA
Communication studies/Latin American studies 624120 MA/MA
Communication studies/Public affairs 624150 MA/MPAff
Community and regional planning/Geography 625401 MSCRP/PhD
Community and regional planning/Sustainable Design 625410 MSCRP/MSSD
Community and regional planning/Urban Design 625420 MSCRP/MSUD
Energy and earth resources/Business administration 635085 MA/MBA
Global policy studies/Asian studies 647340 MGPS/MA
Global policy studies/Business administration 647330 MGPS/MBA
Global policy studies/Energy and earth resources 647310 MGPS/MA
Global policy studies/Information studies 647355 MGPS/MSInfoStds
Global policy studies/Journalism 647315 MGPS/MJ
Global policy studies/Latin American studies 647320 MGPS/MA
Global policy studies/Middle Eastern studies 647345 MGPS/MA
Global policy studies/Russian, East European and Eurasian studies 647335 MGPS/MA
Information studies/Latin American studies 653100 MSInfoStds/MA
Journalism/Business administration 624180 MA/MBA
Journalism/Latin American studies 624210 MA/MA
Journalism/Middle Eastern studies 624240 MA/MA
Journalism/Public affairs 624270 MA/MPAff
Latin American studies/Business administration 659000 MA/MBA
Latin American studies/Community and regional planning 659801 MA/MSCRP
Latin American studies/Law 760560 MA/JD
Latin American studies/Public affairs 660000 MA/MPAff
Law/Business administration 760516 JD/MBA
Law/Community and regional planning 760521 JD/MSCRP
Law/Global Policy Studies 760540 JD/MGPS
Law/Global Policy Studies (3-year program) 760541 JD/MGPS
Law/Information Studies 760550 JD/MSInfoStds
Law/Middle Eastern studies 760570 JD/MA
Law/Public affairs 760584 JD/MPAff
Law/Public affairs (3 year program) 760585 JD/MPAff
Law/Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies 760576 JD/MA
Law/Social Work 760580 JD/MSSW
Mechanical engineering/Business administration 666000 MSE/MBA
Middle Eastern studies/Business administration 668300 MA/MBA
Middle Eastern studies/Information studies 668650 MA/MsInfoStds
Middle Eastern studies/Public affairs 668200 MA/MPAff
Nursing/Business administration | Not Accepting Applications 671800 MSN/MBA
Public affairs/Business administration 684602 MPAff/MBA
Public affairs/Community and regional planning 684610 MPAff/MSCRP
Public affairs/Energy and earth resources 684630 MPAff/MSE
Public affairs/Engineering 684601 MPAff/MSE
Public affairs/Information studies 684650 MPAff/MSInfoStds
Public affairs/Social work 684640 MPAff/MSSW
Radio-Television-Film/Business administration 624300 MA/MBA
Radio-Television-Film/Latin American studies 624330 MA/MA
Radio-Television-Film/Middle Eastern studies 624360 MA/MA
Radio-Television-Film/Public affairs 624390 MA/MPAff
Radio-Television-Film/Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies 624420 MA/MA
Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies/Business administration 693200 MA/MBA
Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies/Public affairs 693000 MA/MPAff
Women's and gender studies/Information studies 693310 MA/MSInfoStds
Women's and gender studies/Public affairs 693320 MA/MPAff


The dual degree programs listed above lead to two University of Texas (UT) at Austin degrees. The university also offers the following dual degree programs in which students simultaneously pursue a UT Austin degree and a degree from another institution. 

UT Austin program Degree Major Code Other Institution Other program Degree
Biochemistry PhD 613600 UT Medical Branch at Galveston Medicine MD
Biomedical Engineering PhD 614801 UT Medical Branch at Galveston Medicine MD
Business Administration MBA B16109 Technológico de Monterrey - Campus Santa Fe Administration MA
Cell and molecular biology PhD 615401 UT Medical Branch at Galveston Medicine MD
Chemistry PhD 621000 UT Medical Branch at Galveston Medicine MD
Global Policy Studies MGPS 647350 UT Health Science Center, School of Public Health (Austin Regional Campus) Public health MPH
Neuroscience PhD 671111 UT Medical Branch at Galveston Medicine MD
Public Affairs MPAff 684635 UT Health Science Center, School of Public Health (Austin Regional Campus) Public health MPH
Social Work MSSW 691400 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Divinity MDiv
Social Work MSSW 691450 UT Health Science Center, Houston Public health MPH


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