Degree Plans: Milestones, Timelines and Requirements


Below are links to information about all our doctoral degree plans, along with information about specific degree requirements and estimated timelines to reach various milestones for the different degree plan specializations.

Note that degree plan requirements can change, so it is always important to contact the program’s graduate adviser or graduate coordinator for the most up-to-date information on degree requirements.

Graduate students entering a doctoral program beginning fall 2013 are required to review the milestones, timelines and degree requirements for their program. If you have not yet reviewed and acknowledged this, visit the web page at for step-by-step instructions for doing so. Once you complete this step you will be able to log in at any time to check your progress in completing your degree requirements.

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Communication Nursing
Education Pharmacy
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Fine Arts Social Work
Jackson School of Geosciences Intercollegial Programs
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Program or Area of Study Degree Plan Requirements and Timeline to Degree Doctoral Degree(s) offered


Architecture (609400) ARC990AHD20172 (PhD in Architecture: Architectural history)
ARC990HPD20172 (PhD in Architecture: Historic preservation)
ARC990SDD20172 (PhD in Architecture: Sustainability)
Community and regional planning (625399) CRP990++D20172 (PhD in Community and regional planning) PhD


Accounting (PhD) (617000) ACC990++D20092 (PhD in Accounting) PhD
Finance (617100) FIN990++D20132 (PhD in Finance) PhD
Information, Risk, & Operations Management (617130) IRO990++D20152 (PhD in Information, Risk & Operations Management) PhD
Management (617300) MAN990++D20092 (PhD in Management) PhD
Marketing (617400) MKT990++D20092 (PhD in Marketing) PhD


Advertising (623962) ADV990++D20072 (PhD in Advertising) PhD
Communication sciences & disorders-Speech Language Pathology (624000) CSD990++D20152 (PhD in Communication sciences and disorders) PhD
Communication studies (623965) CMS990++D20152 (PhD in Communication Studies) PhD
Journalism (623963) J++990++D20152 (PhD in Journalism) PhD
Radio-Television-Film (624012) RTF990++D20132 (PhD in Media studies) PhD


Curriculum and instruction (632332) EDC990++D20092 (PhD in Language and literacy)
EDC990BED20092 (PhD in Bilingual / bicultural education)
EDC990CLD20092 (PhD in Cultural studies)
EDC990CRD20092 (PhD in Curriculum studies)
EDC990ECD20092 (PhD in Early childhood education)
EDC990ITD20092 (PhD in Learning technologies)
EDC990PED20092 (PhD in Physical education teacher education)
EDC990SSD20092 (PhD in Social studies education)
Educational administration (632333) EDA990CCD20152 (PhD in Community college concentration)
EDA990EPD20152 (PhD in Educational policy and planning)
EDA990HED20152 (PhD in Higher education concentration)
Educational psychology (632334) EDP990HDD20152 (PhD in Human development, culture and learning sciences)
EDP990QMD20152 (PhD in Educational psychology, Quantitative methods)
Educational psychology - School (632343) EDP990SPD20152 (PhD in School psychology) PhD
Educational psychology - Counseling (632344) EDP990CPD20152 (PhD in Counseling psychology) PhD
Foreign language education (632335) FLE990FLD20072 (PhD in Foreign language education) PhD
Health education (632400) HED990HPD20152 (PhD in Health behavior and health education) PhD
Kinesiology (632500) KIN990KPD20152 (PhD in Kinesiology) PhD
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (632800) SME990++D20112 (Science and mathematics education) PhD
Special education (632339) SED990ADD20152 - (PhD in Special education: Autism and developmental disabilities)
SED990RCD20152 (PhD in Special education: Rehabilitation counselor education)
SED990ECD20152 (PhD in Special education: Early childhood special education)
SED990LDD20152 (PhD in Special Education: Learning disabilities and behavior disorders)
SED990MCD20152 (PhD in Special Education: Multicultural special education)


Aerospace engineering (603900) ASE990++D20152 (PhD in Aerospace engineering) PhD
Biomedical engineering (614800) BME990++D20152 (PhD in Biomedical engineering) PhD
Chemical engineering (620100) CHE990++D20152 (PhD in Chemical engineering) PhD
Civil engineering (621700) C+E990++D20152 (PhD in Civil engineering) PhD
Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) (634600) E+E990EED20152 (PhD in Electrical and computer engineering, major code 634600 only) PhD
ECE - Biomedical engineering (634640) E+E990BMD20152 (PhD in ECE - Biomedical engineering) PhD
ECE - CommNetS (634650) E+E990CND20152 (PhD in ECE - Communications, networks and systems) PhD
ECE - Computer architecture and embedded processors (634612) E+E990CAD20152 (PhD in ECE - Computer architecture and embedded processors) PhD
ECE - Computer engineering (634610) E+E990CED20152 (PhD in ECE - Computer engineering) PhD
ECE - Electromagnetics & acoustics (634660) E+E990EAD20152 (PhD in ECE - Electromagnetics & acoustics) PhD
ECE - Energy systems (634680) E+E990ESD20152 (PhD in ECE - Energy systems) PhD
ECE - Integrated circuits & systems (634682) E+E990ICD20152 (PhD in ECE - Integrated circuits & systems) PhD
ECE - Manufacturing systems engineering (634630) E+E990MFD20152 (PhD in ECE - Manufacturing systems engineering) PhD
ECE - Plasma, quantum electronics & optics (634670) E+E990PQD20152 (PhD in ECE - Plasma, quantum electronics & optics) PhD
ECE- Software engineering (634611) E+E990SWD20152 (PhD in ECE - Software engineering) PhD
ECE - Solid-state electronics (634620) E+E990SSD20152 (PhD in ECE - Solid-state electronics) PhD
Engineering mechanics (637100) E+M990++D20152 (PhD in Engineering mechanics) PhD
Materials science and engineering (663300) MSE990GND20152 (PhD in Materials science and engineering: General Materials)
MSE990CED20152 (PhD in Materials science and engineering: Clean energy)
MSE990NMD20152 (PhD in Materials science and engineering: Nanomaterials)
Mechanical engineering (665900) M+E990++D20152 (PhD in Mechanical Engineering) PhD
Operations research and industrial engineering (673600) ORI990++D20152 (PhD in Operations research and industrial engineering) PhD
Petroleum engineering (674900) PGE990PHD20072 (PhD in Petroleum and geosystems engineering) PhD


Art history (611400) ARH990++D20132 (PhD in Art history) PhD
Music & human learning (670654) MUS990MHD20152 (PhD in Music and human learning) PhD
Music theory (670659) MUS990MTD20152 (PhD in Music theory) PhD
Musicology/ethnomusicology (671000) MUS990ETD20152 (PhD in ethnomusicology)
MUS990MND20152 (PhD in musicology)
Theatre (630700) DRM990++D20072 (PhD in Performance as public practice) PhD


Geological sciences (645200) GEO990++D20072 (PhD in Geological sciences) PhD


Information studies (653000) INF990++D20072 (PhD in Information Studies) PhD


African & African Diaspora studies (604300) AFR990++D20152 (PhD in African and African Diaspora studies) PhD
American studies (604700) AMS990++D20132 (PhD with American Studies Master of Arts)
AMS99004D20132 (PhD with other Master of Arts)
Anthropology (606200) ANT990++D20152 (PhD in Anthropology) PhD
Anthropology (Sociocultural Anthropology) (606203) ANT990_D20172 (PhD in Anthropology, Sociocultural) PhD
Asian cultures and languages (612400) ANS990ACD20152 (PhD in Asian cultures and languages) PhD
Classics (623200) C+C990APD20152 (PhD in Classics: Ancient Philosophy)
C+C990CAD20152 (PhD in Classics: Classical Archaeology)
C+C990PHD20152 (PhD in Classics: Classical Languages)
Comparative literature (626200) C+L990++D20072 (PhD in Comparative Literature) PhD
Economics (631500) ECO990++D20132 (PhD in Economics) PhD
English (639300) E++990++D20152 (PhD in English) PhD
French (686766) FR+990LGD20152 (PhD in French Linguistics)
FR+990STD20152 (PhD in French Studies)
Geography (644300) GRG990++D20132 (PhD in Geography) PhD
Germanic studies (646000) GER990++120152 (PhD in Germanic studies) PhD
Government (647500) GOV990++D20132 (PhD in Government) PhD
History (650600) HIS990AAD20152 (PhD - African, Asian, Middle Eastern History)
HIS990E1D20152 (PhD - European History/Atlantic History/History of Science, Technology and Medicine)
HIS990LAD20152 (PhD - Latin American History)
HIS990USD20132 (PhD - United States History)
Iberian and Latin American languages and cultures (686768) ILA990SD20152 (PhD in Iberian and Latin American studies, Spanish)
ILA990LD20152 (PhD in Iberian and Latin American studies, Linguistics)
ILA990SPD20152 (PhD in Iberian and Latin American studies, Spanish & Portuguese)
Italian Studies (653800) ITL990ITD20152 (PhD in Italian Studies) PhD
Latin American studies (659800) LAS990++D20152 (PhD in Latin American Studies) PhD
Linguistics (661900) LIN990++D20112 (PhD in Linguistics) PhD
Middle eastern languages & cultures (667800) (Arabic studies, Hebrew studies and Persian studies) MEL990++D20152 (PhD in Middle eastern languages and cultures) PhD
Philosophy (676400) PHL990++D20152 (PhD in Philosophy) PhD
Psychology (683500) PSY990BND20152 (PhD in Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience)
PSY990CND20152 (PhD in Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience)
PSY990DVD20152 (PhD in Psychology: Developmental Psychology)
PSY990IDD20152 (PhD in Psychology: Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology)
PSY990PSD20152 (PhD in Psychology: Perceptual Systems)
PSY990SPD20152 (PhD in Psychology: Social and Personality)
Psychology - Clinical (683501) PSY990CLD20152 (PhD in Psychology: Clinical) PhD
Religious Studies (686400) R+S990++D20152 (PhD in Religious Studies) PhD
Sociology (691700) SOC990DMD20152 (PhD in Sociology - demography)
SOC990NDD20152 (PhD in Sociology - non demography)


Astronomy (612900) AST990++D20152 (PhD in Astronomy) PhD
Biochemistry (613500) BCH990++D20152 (PhD in Biochemistry) PhD
Cell and molecular biology (615400) MOL990_D20072 (PhD in Cell and molecular bioloigy) PhD
Chemistry (620900) CH+990++D20152 PhD in Chemistry PhD
Computer science (627800) C+S990++D20152 (PhD in Computer Sciences) PhD
Ecology, evolution, and behavior (615500) BIO990++D20072 (PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior) PhD
Human development and family sciences (652300) HDF990++D20132 (PhD in Human development and family sciences) PhD
Marine science (614600) MNS990++D20132 (PhD in Marine Science) PhD
Mathematics (665100) M++990++D20132 (PhD in Mathematics) PhD
Microbiology (667500) MIC990++D20152 (PhD in Microbiology) PhD
Neuroscience (671100) NEU990++D20152 (PhD in Neuroscience) PhD
Nutritional sciences (671900) NTR990PHD20092 (PhD in Nutritional sciences) PhD
Physics (678900) PHY990++D20092 (PhD in Physics) PhD
Plant biology (615600) P+B990++D20152 (PhD in Plant Biology) PhD
Statistics (665400) STA990++D20152 (PhD in Statistics) PhD


Nursing (671620) N++990++D20152 (PhD in nursing - traditional)
N++990BSD20152 (PhD in nursing - BSN)
Nursing-Alternate entry (671720) N++990PAD20152 (PhD in nursing - alternate entry) PhD


Pharmacy (675700) PGS990CED20152A (PhD in Pharmacy: Pharmaceutics)
PGS990HDD20132A (PhD in Pharmacy: Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice)
PGS990HPD20132 (PhD in Pharmacy: Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice with prior PharmD MS)
PGS990MCD20132 (PhD in Pharmacy: Medicinal Chemistry)
PGS990PND20132 (PhD in Pharmacy: Pharmacology & Toxicology - Neuro)
PGS990PTD20152 (PhD in Pharmacy: Pharmacology & Toxicology - Tox)
PGS990THD20152 (PhD in Pharmacy: Pharmacotherapy)
Translational Science (675800) PHR990TSD20152 (PhD in Pharmacy: Translational Science) PhD


Public policy (684690) P+A990++D20152 (PhD in Public Policy) PhD


Social work (691100) S+W990++D20152 (PhD in Social Work) PhD


Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (627100) CSE990++D20152 (PhD in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics) PhD


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