Access to Milestones


Graduate students entering a doctoral program beginning with fall 2013 are required to review the degree requirements, milestones, and estimated timeline for their program. Below are the following steps to begin the process.

Step 1: Completed by Doctoral Student

  • Go to your Graduate Degree Planner:
  • Select the link to "See Your Program of Work At-a-Glance." Programs of Work are also known as degree plans.
  • If you have more than one degree plan assigned you will see a list. (This can happen if you changed degree plans, are working on a master's degree, and/or graduated with a master's degree.)
  • Select the "Program of Work" link for your doctoral degree plan.
  • You will see a list of Program of Work Requirements and how these requirements have been matched by your graduate coordinator to your work.
  • At the bottom of this page you will find:
    • A list of the Milestones and your progress toward completion.
    • Review status of your degree requirements and milestones.
    • A link to the electronic document version of your Milestones.
    • If your Milestones have not been reviewed, you will see a message to review your Milestones. View your Milestones. After your review, select the button "I have reviewed my Milestones." After the page refreshes this change will be reflected in the "Milestones Review History."
    • The Milestones Review History includes the name, role, date and time when the Milestones were reviewed.
  • You may return to the above link at any point to review your progress in the Graduate Degree Planner or to look at your Milestones again.

EXAMPLE 1: Graduate Degree Planner (This screenshot shows the view you have when you first log in to your planner. You will select the link to "See Your Program of Work At-a-Glance.")

Graduate Degree Planner landing page

EXAMPLE 2: Milestones pending initial student review. (This is a screenshot what you will see prior to completing the initial review of the Milestones.)

Step 1 screen of the milestones agreement

After you review your milestones and acknowledge you have completed your review, the Milestones Review History will reflect the change and note that you reviewed the document and the date and time.

EXAMPLE 3: A message will then route to the graduate adviser in your program. When the adviser has verifies your acknowledgement, the Milestones Review History will reflect the change. (This screenshot shows the change in the Milestones Review History.)

Milestones Review History after final acknowledgement

Step 2: Completed by Graduate Adviser

After a student completes Step 1 above, the graduate adviser will receive an automated email providing a link to the SIS Routing Inbox in EASI to verify that the student has acknowledged her/his review of the degree requirements, milestones and estimated timeline for meeting the degree requirements. When the graduate adviser selects the document to review, he/she will be able to acknowledge that the student has been advised of their degree requirements. Once completed, the student view and the adviser view will show that both have acknowledged review.


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