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18 Characteristics of Doctoral Programs Report Gwen Barton 512-232-3609
Academic Employment (graduate students) Karen Sacratini 512-232-3610
Adds/drops Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Adviser/Coordinator roster updates (Signature Pages) Gwen Barton 512-232-3509
Authorization to teach graduate courses Michelle Broadway 512-232-3625
Bars, Graduate School Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Blackboard site, Graduate School Bob Penman 512-475-9365
Blackboard training, tutorials, faqs UT Blackboard wiki (web)  
Classification of graduate students Michelle Broadway 512-232-3625
Conditional Admissions Petitions Pat Ellison 512-475-7398
Continuous registration of doctoral students Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Cooperative consortium Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Course Inventory Michelle Broadway 512-232-3625
Course Schedule Michelle Broadway 512-232-3625
Doctoral candidacy Lynn Margason 512-232-3630
Doctoral degree requirements Renee Babcock 512-232-3629
Doctoral graduation requirements Renee Babcock 512-232-3629
EASI - request authorizations for graduate advisers, graduate coordinators, admissions coordinators, GSC chairs Gwen Barton 512-232-3609
EASI - request authorizations for faculty to review admissions applications online Shannon Neuse 512-475-7397
EASI technical support Shannon Neuse
Philip Guerrero
Exceptions, extensions of candidacy Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Exceptions, student employment Karen Sacratini 512-232-3610
Extensions of doctoral candidacy Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Fellowships Elizabeth Korves 512-232-3603
Filemaker Pro assistance Philip Guerrero 512-471-6098
Final oral examinations Lynn Margason 512-232-3630
Format guidelines (theses and dissertations) Bob Penman 512-475-9365
Grade changes/grade reporting Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Grade status Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Graduate adviser appointments Gwen Barton 512-232-3609
Graduate application deadlines published in ApplyTexas Reyes Perez  
Graduate application deadlines published on the Web Webmaster  
Grievances and Special Student Problems Terry Kahn 512-232-3634
GSC list updates (special approvals go to Dean Langlois' office) Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
ISR Registration Michelle Broadway 512-232-3625
Late Registration Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Master's Degree Requirements William Crain 512-232-3628
Master's Graduation Requirements William Crain 512-232-3628
Portfolio Programs Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Preliminary Format Checks Bob Penman 512-475-9365
Professional Development Awards Ann Page 512-232-3602
Program of Work William Crain 512-232-3628
Recruitment travel grants John Dalton 512-232-3626
Registration Issues Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Reservation of course for graduate credit Rachel Manning 512-232-3617
Scholastic status Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Select Admission Program Marvin Hackert 512-232-3604
Signature Page updates Gwen Barton 512-232-3609
Subpoenas Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Termination of graduate programs Julie Meyer 512-232-3607
Tuition assistance Karen Sacratini 512-232-3610
Withdrawals from Graduate School Rachel Manning 512-232-3617


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