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Graduate students are integral to the core educational and research mission of the university. Our graduate students work alongside the finest faculty, they inspire undergraduate students in the classroom, and they design research projects and develop new ideas that, in time, go on to change the world.

Read about students and alumni who are making a difference

Milli Reddy

Milli Reddy, MS 2009, Pharmacy Administration
Milli Reddy has no shortage of ideas. Read more

Maumi Villarreal

Maumi Villarreal, BA 1980, MS 1996
After 15 years as a practicing pharmacist, Maumi was ready to move up in her career...Read more

Nicholas Crain

Nicholas Crain, Finance
Nicholas has moved from duties on a fast attack nuclear submarine to graduate school. Read more

Reeja Jayan

Reeja Jayan, Materials Science and Engineering
With a newfound interest in solar energy, Reeja remained in the U.S. to earn a Ph.D. Read more

Hans Huang

Hans Huang, School of Information
Huang studies the human brain to understand how it processes information. Read more

Snowden Becker

Snowden Becker, School of Information
Snowden is working to save amateur movies through film preservation. Read more

Lucas Cieza

Lucas Cieza, Astronomy
Harrington Dissertation Fellow conducts cutting-edge planetary research. Read more

Michael Waring

Michael Waring, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Michael studies ways to improve the quality of indoor air. Read more

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