Outstanding Graduate Adviser


Terry Kahn, William Doolittle, Victoria Rodriguez

William Doolittle (center) receives his 2004 award for Outstanding Graduate Adviser from Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School Victoria Rodríguez (right) and Associate Dean of the Graduate School Terry Kahn (left)















WILLIAM DOOLITTLE, Professor of Geography, has served as Graduate Adviser, Graduate Admissions Adviser, Department Chair, and Graduate Studies Committee Chair.  Dr. Doolittle is responsible for the academic endeavors of over 50 master's and doctoral students in the Department of Geography, and he is described by both students and colleagues as being exceptionally dedicated to graduate students and the university.  Many of his students have commented on his ready accessibility and personal encouragement, his mentoring of their professional development, and his proactive involvement in their academic progress.  Dr. Doolittle is credited with recruiting some of the best students nationwide and contributing to the national recognition of the graduate program in Geography.



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