2001 Excellence in Graduate Research Award

Awardee Department Title of Project
Nirvana Al-Tannoukhi English: Comparative Literature Can the Subaltern Be Heard? Mohamed Choukri's Literary Testimony and Censorship
Oksan Bayulgen Government Political Struggles over Globalization: Production-Sharing Agreements in Russia, Azerbaijan and Norway
Penny Frohlich Psychology Physiology of Antidepressant Medication-Induced Sexual Dysfunction
Lev Michael Anthropology Documenting and Revitalizing an Amazonian Indigenous Language Near Extinction: Iquito
Janel Seagal Psychology Identity and Social Stigma: Implications for Physical and Mental Health
Daniel Seidel Chemistry and Biochemistry Design and Synthesis of an Actinide-binding Macrocycle, a Contribution to the Problem of Radioactive Waste Remediation
Stacia Wyman Computer Sciences Phylogeny Reconstruction from Gene Order Data
Katherine Zilkha Communication Studies Arab and Israeli Speech Styles: Conflict and Communicative Meaning in Intercultural Encounters



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