2003 Excellence in Graduate Research Award

Awardee Department Title of Project
Master's degree projects
Lea Cline Art History Talking Hands: Gesture and the Orator in Sculpted Panels of the High Roman Empire
John Gronbeck-Tedesco American Studies Exposing the "Crimes of Cuba:" Remapping African-American Political Discourse in the 1930s
Mingshan Xue Neuroscience Genetic analyses of molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic development and plasticity in Drosophila neuromuscular junctions
Doctoral degree Projects
Augustine Avwunudiogba Geography Soil Erosion: Modeling in the upper Panuco basin, Sierra Madre Oriental, Eastern Mexico
Rhonda Evans Case Government Reengineering the Liberal State: The Politics of Anti-Discrimination in the Anglo-American Countries
Mette Gieskes Art History The Structuralist Politics of Game and Risk in European and American Art, 1957-1975: Constant, Simon Hantai, Alighiero Boettie, Bruce Nauman, Sol Le Witt, and Vito Acconci
K. Maria Lane Geography Appropriating Space: Geographical Representations of the Planet Mars, 1867-1907
Luay Nakhleh Computer Sciences Phylogenetic Networks in Biology and Historical Linguistics


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