2004 Excellence in Graduate Research Award

Award Recipient Department Title of Project
Julie George Government Whither secession: Explaining federal bargaining and secessionist conflict among ethnic regions in Russia and Georgia
Susan Kung Linguistics A descriptive grammar of Huehuetla Tepehua, a Mexican indigenous language
Rahul Malhotra Physics Searching for Higgs bosons of minimal supersymmetry with muons or tua-leptons, and a bottom quark
Heather Mathews Art History Negotiating national culture: Painting and politics in East and West Germany, 1950-1959
Joyce Parga Anthropology The reproductive behavior of the ringtailed lemur (Lemur catta): An analysis of female mate choice and male mating strategies
Weijia Xu Computer Sciences Design and implementation of a new database management system for biological data and its applications

Julie George was announced as the grand prize winner at the University Co-op Awards Banquet on April 25, 2004.


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