2005 Excellence in Graduate Research Award

Award Recipient Department Title of Project
Brady Cox Civil Engineering Simulating Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction:  Liquefying Granular Soil In-Situ
John Feige Radio-Television-Film Mississippi Chicken
Christine Labuski Anthropology "It Hurts Down There":  An Ethnographic Exploration of a Genital Pain Syndrome
Alex Liu Computer Sciences Firewall Design and Analysis
Onur Mutlu Electrical and Computer Engineering Efficient Runhead Execution:  A Cost and Complexity Effective Processing Paradigm for Tolerating Long Main Memory Latencies in High Performance Microprocessors
Aaron Saunders Chemical Engineering Colloidal quantum dots, quantum rods, and nano-heterstructures:  understanding and controlling particle shape and optical properties

John Feige was announced as the grand prize winner at the University Co-op Awards Banquet on April 21, 2005.


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