Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award


The Graduate School presents the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award to recognize the exemplary service of one of our Graduate Coordinators. Graduate coordinators provide an invaluable service to the university and its community of students, faculty, and staff, and this award is one of the few opportunities available to recognize these individuals.

The Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award is presented at an event hosted by the Graduate School and the Graduate Coordinator Network. The University Co-op very generously underwrites the prizes for this award and all of the Graduate School awards each year. One award of $3000 will be presented in 2015.

  • Nominees must have served as graduate coordinator for two years as of September 1 of the current year.
  • Past recipients of the award are eligible for nomination of five or more years have elapsed since they received the award.

We look forward to receiving nominations and to recognizing the outstanding contributions of one of our graduate coordinators.

Suggested Criteria for Nomination

  • The nominee's ability to work as an effective advocate for graduate students and graduate causes in the program
  • The nominee's availability/accessibility to graduate students
  • The nominee's ability to work as an effective liaison between graduate students and the graduate adviser, and between the graduate program and the Graduate School office
  • The nominee's effectiveness in helping students become aware of and follow rules and regulations governing graduate degrees
  • The nominee's record of preventing as well as resolving problems
  • The nominee's ability to carry out administrative functions effectively and efficiently
  • The nominee's skills in organization and communication
  • The nominee's record of working with other graduate coordinators and graduate advisers to promote a more efficient and effective administration of the graduate program


Nominations must be submitted online using the Graduate School's online awards system. Nominations must be initiated by academic deans, department chairs, program directors, or graduate advisers. You will need the following items available to complete the online application:

  • A cover letter from the academic dean, department chair, program director, or graduate adviser briefly describing why this individual is being nominated
  • Up to five letters of support, including at least one from a current or former student. Other letters may be from faculty, staff, or others familiar with the nominee's administrative record.
  • Graduate program materials relevant to the nomination, including information describing the nominee's role in their production or development; e.g., conceptualization, design, writing, editing, etc., or
    A written statement from the nominee describing projects, initiatives, and achievements relevant to the graduate program.
  • Nominee's dates of service as a program graduate coordinator
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Submit Nominations

Nominations and supporting documentation may be submitted via the online awards system.

Danielle Thoma



Jennifer Tipton, Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Asian Studies, has been named the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator for 2014. Read more »

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John Dalton, Assistant Dean


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